Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's Spring. Get Out and Paint Some More! {An Art-n-Nature Outing}

Last month was so full that we did not get to plan our April Art-n-Nature hike until the very last day of the month.  I did not want the same thing to happen this month, so, last week, when I saw a painting experience sponsored by the Buzzards Bay Coalition at a nature spot that I've been wanting to check out, I decided to invite others from our Art-n-Nature group to join us, making it our May excursion. 

Several families RSVP'd that they could join us at the public event, but between last-minute scheduling conflicts and weather issues, no other
Art-n-Nature group friends ended up sharing the experience with us.  Still, my children and I were happy that we were not deterred by the chill that swept in on the wind nor the rain drops that were in the forecast, as the evening turned out to be a good one.

Two gals from
Buzzards Bay Coalition who led the event, four local women, and my crew attended the event.

After a short chat inside the visitor center at the Sawmill, we were given canvases and the children helped bring supplies out to an amphitheater made of concrete and granite slabs that had been taken from alongside the riverbed when the area was restored from being an industrial "concrete jungle" to being a beautiful and welcoming more natural habitat.

There, we received a few quick pointers on painting the landscape using acrylics and, then, were offered pencils and paints to get to work.  First, we put our fingers up to pick a view to paint.  Then, we prepared our paint palletes.


My oldest got right to work panting a quick picture before asking if he could go back to the center to read his book while my younger two and I explored how to add a layer of color opposite on the color wheel to those we observed in nature in order to give our paintings depth.

As we waited for our "depth" layers to dry, my younger two chatted, leaped about on the grass and stone slabs, and gawked at a wedding party who showed up to get photos done. 

Meanwhile, two of the women who had showed up at the paint experience set up their own easels, supplies, etc. and got to work creating amazingly beautiful and fast landscapes that wowed us.

Then, the weather turned.  Drip drops began to fall, so we all moved inside - and just in time, too, as the drip drops became a bit of a downpour.

Inside, my oldest read... youngest explored layering one color over another over another...

...over another. on his canvas making "part of a sunset"...

...and my middle child began layering paint for depth...

Chatting, laughing, checking out the art-in-progress by others...

...we continued on until the event ended and we had somewhat finished basis paintings.

We saw no old friends and never did get in an actual hike, but we enjoyed meeting new folks and checking out a new-to-us picturesque place.  We also picked up a new painting tip (the layering colors for depth) and were impressed by local accomplished artists. 

So, all in all, it was a worthwhile outing!

We are thankful to the
Buzzards Bay Coalition for hosting it, as well as for the many other great free programs they host and the work they do to preserve and restore natural spots in our state.

If I find time this month, I will plan a second May outing for our
Art-n-Nature so friends can join in.  But, if not, there will be June and July outings to enjoy before our year of monthly meet ups comes to a close. 

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I am no artist nor naturalist.  I'm just a mom who likes being outdoors and creating with kids.  Thus, I LOVE when others offer simple art tips to my children and me,  If you've got one, please don't be shy about sharing it.


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