Sunday, May 15, 2016

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

What a blessed Pentecost it has been here.

It started with this year's version of our now-traditional annual Pentecost meal, which included a GFCF waffle "cake", eggs, and fruit.

Over our celebratory breakfast, we enjoyed praying, chatting about "faith through food", eating, and reading about Pentecost together.

Then, by the children's request, we had a final egg hunt of the year as we transitioned from the Easter season back to Ordinary Time.

After that, it was off to Mass, where the Pentecost decor grabbed our attention before Mass, and, I was invited up at the end of Mass to share a witness talk on how Christ has grabbed my attention, changing me as he has called me to live in closer relationship with him.

When preparing for that talk, and while offering it, I stayed open to the Spirit's promptings and it was evident.  The went so well.

The rest of our day went well, too.  It was filled simple blessings, such as family time on bikes and a dad keeping his son safe as his son tested new skills.

As Mike helped Jack, while Jack laughed and yahooed with joy, I thought about how Our Father has always kept me safe, no matter what adventure I have been up to.  When He's close, there is safety and joy.

Yes, this was truly a blessed kind of day here - one where we focused on faith and family... where we lived our vocations with the Spirit guiding us.  Praise be to God.

I pray your day was filled with blessings, too.

Happy Pentecost!


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