Saturday, November 2, 2013

Planning and Preparing for our First Art-n-Nature Hike on the Element of Line

A month ago today, we went on our first Art-n-Nature hike.

Exploring the art element, Line, with a trailside watercolor resist.

Planning was not difficult.

I thought briefly about what art projects might be easy and effective to do along the trail in order to emphasize the element of “line” while also allowing the children to experiment with both traditional and natural art media.  I decided on two main projects:

  • a watercolor resist using leaves as inspiration

Then, I wrote up an invitation, which I posted on our closed Art-Nature Hikes Facebook page. (In case you’d like to start your own Art-n-Nature club, borrowing some of our ideas, I have uploaded the template from our first hike announcement here. Please feel free to use it in creating your own Art-n-Hike invitations.)

Finally, I packed a backpack with:

  • snacks and lunch
  • water bottles (for drinking and for doing our watercolor resist)
  • a first aid kit
  • a baggie of index cards
  • a black Sharpie
  • some recycled plastic containers and lids
  • some blue watercolor paint and some small plastic containers
  • a few paintbrushes
  • some dark wax crayons and oil pastels
  • a white oil pastel
  • paper
  • some print outs of images I found by googling “Andy Goldothy” and “line” 
These things done, we were all set to enjoy hiking with friends, while pausing to explore the art element line and the wonder of God’s beautiful creation. Early next week, I will share a report of our experience – which was an idyllic day along the trail!

Setting out on our Line hike.  (Yes, Jack dressed himself with his shirt on backwards before we arrived for the hike.)

Additional ideas and extensions for this hike can be found on our Art-n-Nature Hikes Pinterest board:

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