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Looking Back at 2016: Our Most Popular Posts

The other day, someone asked me what our most popular posts written in 2015 were.  As a person who does not spend much time looking at nor analyzing blog stats, I had no idea, so I did a bit of research to find out.  And, here's what I discovered:  faith posts are popular!  Among our Top Twenty posts written in 2015 were 10 reviews and giveaways.  The rest were all faith-related posts.  Today, I thought I would share a list of those posts since the new calendar year is a perfect time to gather ideas for celebrating faith

As you scroll through this list of Top 10 Faith Posts from 2015, perhaps you'll find an idea you missed before that might enrich your own family's faith journey in the coming year.  Or, maybe you'll rediscover something that you noted before and would like to revisit.  Whatever you find, I pray that inspiration here helps you and yours to continue to make live and grow in faith in 2016.  Happy New Year! 


3 All Saints Day Game Challenges {with FREE PRINTABLE!}


All Saints Day game challenges are NOT just for All Saints Day.  You might like to use these saint-related challenges (and the other nine we shared about through links within the post) as you learn about the saints throughout the year.


Celebrate St. Brigid with Simple Stories and Notebooking


Studying about the saints is a key focus for us in learning about faith and virtues, and, since food, fun, and quality picture books speak to my children, the "language" we use for exploring the saints typically includes a bit of each.  Our celebration of St. Brigid was a prime example of how we approach some saint day studies.  Whether your looking to celebrate St. Brigid, of just to get some general ideas for approaching saint day observances in hands-on ways with your kids, this post might be worth a peek.


A Simple, Fun Faith Craft for Kids: Prayer Rocks


Sometimes simple is best!  So seems to be the case with the prayer rocks post that came in as our eighth most popular faith-post of 2015.  Both the idea and its presentation are quick and easy.  You can glance over the post and begin making prayer rocks in no time at all.  Enjoy.


Want a Perfect Picture Book Study for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Valentine's Day?


For years,  I have thought about creating a blog or e-book based on ideas I have for centering sensory activities and academic study around picture books, particularly faith-based ones.  However, since home and homeschool require my focus right now, time for writing must be kept in balance and, thus, such a project must wait.  That said, sometimes I cannot help but to put together some of my picture book-inspired ideas to share forward.  Such was the case with a favorite February read.


Get Your Free Epiphany-Themed Printable Phonics Game!


As the somewhat fuzzy picture for Number Seven on this countdown proves, I am hardly tech-savvy or a blog pro.  I do know, however, that most who are say every post should have a strong pinnable image.  Thus, when I saw what came in as our Number Six most popular faith post and discovered that the post did not even have a decent pinnable image, I was tempted to take the time to add one.  My two guiding words for 2016 stopped me from doing so though.  For there is only so much time to share forward today and the post obviously includes enough to make it worthwhile to some as it is.  Perhaps you and yours will enjoy the free printable Epiphany-themed phonics game there over the next couple days.
We started this blog as a place to chronicle our journey as a home educating family and, at one time, included regular "what's been happening" type posts. In more recent years, we have gotten away from such sharing, but sometimes cannot help but to put together a picture-laden post that gives a glimpse of where we've been and what we've been doing.  That is exactly the kind of post Number Five is -- one filled with photographs and memories of a weekend rich in celebrating our faith.
Whether studying Saint Joseph, tying into Easter, or simply looking for an inexpensive and easy craft for kids to enjoy, this paper plate lily pencil topper how-to may be just what you need.  Plenty of pictures will help you create your own lilies with ease!

The 5-Finger Daily Examen


Somehow, we got out of the habit of using our 5-finger examen here, so, just the other day, the kids and I relocated the hand-shape prayer cards we made during a St. Ignatius Feast Day celebration this past summer.  What simple, yet meaningful model or reflective prayer they guide us through.  Perhaps you and yours would like to add the model to your daily prayer routines, too.


Get A Free Printable Saint Geography Notebooking Page!

Of course, printables are always popular, and, as I saw our Number Two post, I realized that I need to update our printables index page, since our popular Free Printable Saint Geography Notebooking Page has yet to be listed on it it.  Until that task is done, you can find the printable linked here, where you will also find links the pages that inspired the notebooking page I created.


Of Snow and a Free Printable 2015 Daily Planner for Lent

Before researching our most popular posts of 2015, I never would have guessed that the most-viewed faith post from 2015 would be a printable planning sheet I made for Lent last year, but, indeed, it is.  Since we are not done celebrating Christmas yet, maybe you'd like to bookmark this Lent printable to begin using next month.  For, yes, Lent is coming quickly.  It begins on February 10.

We hope you've enjoyed taking a look back at our most popular sharing from 2015 (sans review and giveaway posts).  If you like what you’ve seen, we would be delighted if you'd continue reading into 2016.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share here and thank you for each and every time you choose to read a post yourself, share this blog with your friends, or take the time to comment on a post here or at our Facebook page.  Truly, we get excited over your feedback, so please never hesitate to make a suggestion, share a thought, or put forth a request!

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Happy 2016!


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