Sunday, June 7, 2015

What a Weekend for Celebrating Faith!

What a wonderful weekend it has been!  Large portions of it were spent celebrating faith.

Nina was asked to wear her First Holy Communion dress again to participate in a Eucharistic Procession.  She was excited to ear our family heirloom dress once more (She was also excited to ride  a big yellow shuttle bus over to the grotto where the day's events would begin.)

At the lovely Stonehill College grotto, we joined others from our local Children's Rosary Group for the beginning of a beautiful faith-centered event sponsored by Holy Cross Family Ministries

When the children were asked if two of them would like to hand out rosaries, Jack and his buddy quickly volunteered.  They took their job so seriously, yet also smiled at those to whom they offered, "Would you like a rosary?"

The event included praying the rosary, participating in a Eucharistic procession, celebrating a Mass led by the new Fall River diocese bishop the Most Reverend Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V., and enjoying a reception.  It honored the memory of the Servant of God, Patrick Peyton.

Nina was asked to walk next to one of the priests during the procession, while Luke and his buddy were asked to wheel the portable speaker.  The children delighted in their "jobs" as we honored our Lord processing with the Eucharist toward Father Peyton's grave.

Father Peyton, who is best known as "the Rosary Priest", died 23 years ago and may well be canonized one day.  In fact, a "Positio", or Position Document about Father Peyton's Life and ministry, was recently presented in Rome as an important step to sainthood.  The priest that blessed us all by Fr. Peyton's grave commented that there had probably not been so many people by the grave since Fr. Peyton's funeral, but that in our lifetimes, perhaps, we will be celebrating the sainthood of Fr. Peyton there.

Nina and other recent first communicants gathered
with the Most Reverend Edgar M. da Cunha, S.D.V.

I don't think I have ever attended a Mass celebrated with as many priests on the altar as the Mass we celebrated after the procession in a relatively small chapel.  There had to be at least 15-20 priests so joyfully celebrating alongside the new bishop of the Fall River Diocese.  It was truly beautiful.  

The children were so good all day, and, after nourishing their souls through prayer and the Eucharist and their bodies through tasty food at the reception, they simply enjoyed being kids.  Laughing, playing tag, chatting.  What a perfect afternoon it was!

Then, this morning, ideal times continued.

Nina and other recent first communicants from our parish were treated to a lovely breakfast served by next year's first communicants.  That breakfast was a new tradition for our parish and was quite lovely!

Nina received a special commemorative glass and, without feeling rushed, we were all able to enjoy breakfast before heading off to the final Corpus Christi Mass at our parish where Luke served on the altar.

What a blessed weekend of faith celebrations!

What traditions and celebrations have nourished your faith this weekend?


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