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A Simple Seasonal Craft: A Paper Plate Lily Pencil Toppers How-To

Spring has arrived!  Easter is on its way  This month is dedicated to St. Joseph.

No matter if you honor just one of these seasonal celebrations, or all three of them, I have a super simple craft for you!

Paper Plate Lily Pencil Toppers

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When preparing to celebrate St. Joseph's Day this past week, I ran into paper plate lily posts at All Free Crafts and Catholic Inspired.  Both methods were similar and I loved the idea.  I immediately decided that making paper plate lilies would be a fun and practical way for my children and their friends to help decorate our St. Joseph table.

I did not have chenille stems on hand, however, and so could not follow the directions at All Free Crafts completely.  And, since I wanted our flowers to stand in a vase on our St. Joseph's table, the stemless version at Catholic Inspired was not quite right for us either.  So, I did what I so often do.  I combined and tweaked the two sets of directions to fit the vision I had in mind.

The result?

Pencils as stems which could later be sharpened, making the lilies as useful as they were fun to make and pretty to look at.

Make Your Own Paper Plate Lily Pencil Toppers

To make our version of Paper Plate Lily Pencil Toppers, you'll need:

  • paper plates
  • scissors
  • yellow colored pencils, crayons, pencils or, our favorite, Color Sticks
  • some yellow paper or cardstock
  • some green paper of cardstock
  • pencils
  • tape

Cut a paper plate in half.

Color a portion of the inner circle yellow.

Fold the half of plate in half and cut a petal fringe.  (You can draw the petal shapes first if you like.)

Cut a small strip of yellow paper of cardstock and cut a fringe onto it.  Tape it to the yellow hald-circle on the paper plate, leaving the fringe free.

Cut four long, small triangular "leaves" from green paper or cardstock.

Roll the paper paper plate around the pencil in a cone shape to make a lily.  Tape it.

(If you want to use the pencils later, make sure to do so on the eraser side, not on the lead side as one of our crafters accidentally did!)

Tape each of the leaves around the pencil, one at a time.

Then, use another pencil to roll the outside of the paper plate petals downward.

And - viola! - you have a pretty, practical craft to enjoy this season!

Enjoy a Story with Your Craft


Had I thought ahead, when making our lilies, I might have grabbed our copy of The Parable of the Lily.  It would make a perfect story to read aloud as children craft their pencil toppers!

If you make Paper Plate Lily Pencil Toppers, I'd love to see a picture.  Post a link to it in the comments or share it on our Training Happy Hearts Facebook page, please.  Enjoy crafting!

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