Thursday, February 26, 2015

Get A Free Printable Saint Geography Notebooking Page!

This week has been a super busy one here.

Among our usual activities, we had a homeschool World Culture Fair to prepare for and present at....

Preparing the background of Nina's Cherokee display board...

Our second Duct Tape Battle Club meeting to prepare for....

Showing off sample weapons and armor they have made to prepare for leading others to do similar projects at Duct Tape Battle Club...

And today's Geography Club to prepare for...

Flashback to Last Month:  The Antarctic Scientists Station at our Antarctica Geography Club Meeting

With so many special projects to help the children with, I just was not up for the potential time and mess involved with the children's creativity as they prepare for their Geography Club "expert reports".  (Each child picks a topic related to a continent to present to the other children about in any way they wish to do so.)  So, I encouraged Nina, who had chosen to do St. Nina and the Republic of Georgia, to keep things simple by using a notebooking page.

Before making my own notebooking page for her, I looked to see if there was something "perfect" online.

At Sanctus Simpliticus I found some wonderful Saint Notebooking Pages.  I liked the rounded saint picture spaces on these and the large boxes at the bottom of some of them, where I thought Nina might write or draw freely about St. Nina or about the Republic of Georgia.  However, since St. Nina is not a common saint, of course, there were no ready-made pages for her.

Then, I found some cute Mini-Saint Information Fill-In Printables at Catholic Icing that I almost went for since they have a map and everything.  However, after Nina put together her world culture fair project, she was a bit tired of writing.  So, I knew she would grown at the lines on the bottom of the Catholic Icing pages.

Thus, I created Nina a new Saint Geography Notebooking Page  that used elements of both the Sanctus Simpliticus and Catholic Icing ones I had found.

  • On the top is a rounded space with a ribbon, where a child can fill in the name of the saint and paste or draw  picture of the saint or write several quick facts. 

  • Next to that is a speech bubble that says, "I am patron of..." where a child can sketch or write what the saint it patron to.

  • Below the speech bubble are three lines.  Children can use these to write something about where the saint is from or write anything else they wish.  They can also just leave them blank or create a colorful design on them.

  • Below that is a world map where children can color information about where the saint was born, died and/or made a difference.

  • Beneath the rounded saint space are the words "Feast Day" so children can note the saint's feast day.

  • At the bottom, is a sizable box, where children can draw, paste or write facts about anything they wish -- the saint, the country the saint is from, their connection to the saint or country, etc.  I thought Nina might paste pictures of Saint Nina's cross and scroll here as she is interested in why St. Nina is often depicted with them.  Instead, she chose to depict her reason for choosing St. Nina as her saint.

You can tell by looking at Nina's page that she was a bit "projected" out by the time she worked on her Geography Club project.  Her work lacks the ultra-neat handwriting and copious color and decor that is sometimes characteristic of her projects.  

She even had me write some things for her, which she dictated, as she was tired of writing.

However, she is still pleased with the results of her notebooking page and additional pages (all pictured except one with maps of Georgia) and more than ready to use them as visuals during her oral "expeert report".  So, I would say the notebooking page I made her was a success!  Perhaps this free printable Saint Geography Notebooking Page will be for something your child is doing, too.

Have you found or created other helpful saint or geography notebooking pages?  I'd love to hear about them!


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