Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Simple, Fun Faith Craft for Kids: Prayer Rocks

I know I shared the picture above last week when I shared about the Creative Girls Service Club that Nina has been helping to plan and lead.  However, after seeing Nina continue to use it and add to it since, I feel compelled to spotlight the idea.

Prayer Rocks are such a simple, but special craft! 
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To make payer rocks, just collect rocks and lay out some
Sharpies (or whatever drawing utensils that you feel comfortable allowing your children to use).  With that, you're good to go!  Children can decorate the rocks however they choose to in order to remember personal prayer intentions or to depict things that they wish to give thanks to God for.  Later, they can keep adding to their collection.

Nina sure has been having fun adding to hers.  Almost every time we are out, she spies "perfect" rocks, fills her pockets with them, and then, later, sets to work decorating them when we get home.  I often witness her using her rocks to pray (or asking if she can gift them to people that she's made them for.)
  It's so sweet, I just had to spotlight the idea.  Hope you and yours have fun with it!

I'd love to see snapshots of your children's prayer rocks!  Please feel free to share links to them in a comment here or on the Training Happy hearts Facebook page.


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