Sunday, February 15, 2015

Of Snow and a Free Printable 2015 Daily Planner for Lent

I had every intention of celebrating Mass this morning and then planning our family's Lent, but I woke to this:

Yes.  More snow.  Much more snow.

Snow and the news that our priest had been given permission to release our parish from the obligation of Sunday Mass because travel conditions were so unsafe.  (In my almost 45 years of life I cannot recall that ever happening before, which just evidences how bad the roads were.)

I also quickly realized that my husband was not feeling well.

Thus, my day's plans changed.

After breakfast, we all gathered together to watch Mass online and to pray an act of spiritual communion.  Then, I spent the greater part of the day taking 20 bursts in the invigorating wind chill, working away to clear the snow.

It took two of these turns - yes, 40 minutes - just to get from our stoop to the driveway and then a number more 20 minute turns outside to clear away the heavier snow that the plows left at the end of our driveway.

It was good, old-fashioned exercise which, to be honest, I relished.  A crisp day... Bird song.... It was peaceful in a way.  Outside, that is.  Coming in brought this:

It seems that while I was outside shoveling my monkeys had learned to literally climb the walls - or door frames as the case may have been.

Oh my!

Luckily, the children practiced their new feat without cracking any heads, which I am especially grateful for since, when I found them climbing the walls, I had not yet gotten the driveway to a point where we could drive out of it!

By dusk, though, I did.  With birds cheering me on through their songs, I managed to clear the driveway enough that we could get into our vehicles and get drive them out if need be.

Then, the temps dropped and the wind picked up, so I called it a day.  The mailbox and the rest of the car cleaning will have to wait for tomorrow.

What could not wait was getting dinner on and the kids attended to.

Lenten planning, on the other had, could wait.  And so it has.

I did, however, manage to revamp the Lenten Planner I created last year to better suit my needs for this year.  In case anyone else might be able to use it, I am sharing my Lent 2015 Daily Planning Sheet here today.

It's pretty self-explanatory:

  • Write the date in at the top can circle what day of the week it is.
  • When praying and doing daily readings, note any special thoughts, quotes, etc. that come to mind under "Spirit Speak".
  • List three or more "intentional tasks" that MUST get done each day under "Do I.T.s"
  • Write any special prayer intentions under "Special Intentions".
  • Track fluid intake by checking off the glasses.
  • Track hours slept over the sleep icon.
  • Check off time to breathe and pause over the pause icon.
  • Check off 1:1 connection time over the "connect" icon.
  • Check off daily reading, journaling and reflecting over the "reflect icon.
  • Plan meals - or keep a food diary - in the "Meals & Snacks" block.
  • Jot down ideas for - or actual things done - in the "Pray", "Fast: and "Give" blocks.
  • Jot down special activities to help learn about our faith and live Lent under "Learn and Live"
  • Write down scheduled activities and daily tasks under "The Gift of Time"(where there are 16 lines for the 16 waking hours of the day).
  •  Use the "Morning", "Midday", "Afternoon" and "Evening" blocks as desired to help balance the day between the different roles and commitments of life, for example, home education, work, outside activities, chill time, service time, etc.

I have printed enough pages of this planner out to get me through Easter and am hoping it helps me to stay focused and balanced, living Lent with intention.  Perhaps it can help you do the same.

May you be safe, snug and looking forward to a special Lenten season this year!

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