Thursday, November 4, 2010

Slap and Match, a Motor-Driven Learning Game

Today, I am thankful for the gift of sometimes-directed learning and the smiles that shine because of it!

Yesterday morning, as I nursed Jack, Nina and Luke began to get a bit aggressive in their play and learning activities.  So, I decided to redirect them with a kinesthetic learning game.  (I knew they needed movement, but I needed their behavior to be a little less frenetic than it was before I suggested playing Slap and Match with our ABC matching puzzle.)

So, here is what we did:
  1. I had the kids sort all the letter halves out of the puzzles. (providing an opportunity for movement and easy classification – pictures vs. letters)
  2. Then, they gave me the letters and put the pictures, face up, on the ground.  (more kinesthetic energy used)
  3. Once all the picture puzzle halves were face up on the floor, I showed them a letter, saying, “Who can find something that starts with…”  Their challenge was to figure out the name and sound of the letter I revealed and, then, to slap the picture that started with the letter.  (letter-sound reinforcement, motor play)
  4. Whoever slapped the correct picture had to chant the letter, sound and word, for example, “S sounds like ‘ssss’ in snake,” before checking the sound-picture match by putting the puzzle pieces together and back in their box. (more reinforcement of letters/sounds/phonics, fine motor puzzle skills, proprioceptive input through slapping, reaching, getting up and down from the floor, etc.)
This game was just one way we use our ABC matching puzzle and it certainly brought smiles to our morning.  Praise be to God for resources at hand to “spontaneously” channel our energy to learning and enjoyment!

What ways have you been blessed with play, learning and putting energy to a good, fun purpose this week?

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LaVonne said...

This week we started teaching our daughter how to use the computer. She is doing a preschool program that we go on clearance at Target. She picked it up so quickly and loves it. We are happy too because she is learning.


LAURIE said...

I always say that every moment is a teaching moment with our glad to hear your grateful heart today over at TT!


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