Friday, November 12, 2010

Computers and Imagination

I had to laugh earlier this week when Luke and Nina got busy one morning with file folders (one of their favorite and most frugal crafting materials that become just about anything with a small dose of imagination!) and quickly made these:

"What are they?" you might wonder.  Why, laptop computers, of course.

See, here's the start button:

And the volume control:

And the screen saver at the top:

What fun they had playing with these!  And, how their self-directed craft made me realize three things:

  1. Even if we have a mostly screen-free home from the kids, perhaps Mama spends too much time in front of a computer screen when the kids are about.  Why else would they be making their own computers?
  2. My children's attention to detail is certainly not something I need to worry about.  As they described their computers to me -- even Nina's which was less elaborate -- they hit on many key components.
  3. Imagination (and necessity) truly is the mother of invention.  Daily, I delight in how my children demonstrate inventive thought and action when motivated by their own desires and needs.  I pray as Mike and I contribute in our parenting and homeschooling journey, we always remember to key into this, using the kids' interests as springboards for lasting learning and growth!
Imaginative use of file folders turned out to be a finer thing in our life this week, providing a frugal form of entertainment (for Mom and kids!) and skill-building (fine motor control, storytelling, dramatic play, etc.)  To see others' finer things and frugal ideas, please share at Finer Things Friday and Frugal Fridays.


Itsy Bitsy Learners said...

This would also make a great adult - encouraged activity for an office role play area!

Thanks for sharing!

Lynda said...

Your children are very creative. Thank you for sharing this. Have a blessed day.


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