Friday, October 22, 2010

Wearing SPD Lenses: The Jumping Mattress

When I was writing a guest post for Hartley's Life with 3 Boys, I coined the phrase “SPD lenses”.  Since then, I have shared several of our life-through-SPD-Lenses ideas both at Sensational Homeschooling and here.  Well, today, I have another one for you.  
Original Purpose: baby and toddler sleeping comfort

With SPD Lenses:  Gross Motor, Proprioceptive Fun

It may not be pretty, but it sure is frugal, fun and very useful!  See it there behind our cowboy and that piece of furniture?

Yep, we keep an old toddler mattress behind our “music center” as a tool for Luke’s home therapy.  The idea is that he can pull and push out the music center in order to retrieve and lay the mattress down (getting some great heavy work in the process).  Then, he can jump-jump-jump away.  It works like a charm!
  • Frugal alternative for other expensive home therapy tools? Check!
  • Something to do during study breaks?  Check!
  • Ingredient for Luke’s daily sensory diet? Check!
  • Tool for rainy day fun, evening-energy release and just plain old fun for all of us? Check!
 But, the honest truth…  Who uses it most?

Our adrenaline junkie, Nina!  Man those furniture-moving muscles and jumping legs love it!

This post is being shared at Life as Mom Frugal Friday.  Please check out other ideas for frugal living by clicking the links there.  And, be sure to leave a comment here about your favorite home therapy or plain-old-fun activity tools.


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