Thursday, October 28, 2010

Field Trips and Socialization: Fall "Fishing"

One thing we often hear when we mention that we are homeschooling our kids is, "What about socialization? Why don't you put the kids in preschool at least a few days a week just for that?"

Our answer:  We've got it covered.  There are so many free, fun opportunities in our area, there is no need for a formal preschool experience just to ensure our kids are "socialized".  The kids can spend time with other children while we enjoy witnessing their growth, giggles and learning and that is a privilege we are so thankful for!

Case in point: On a local homeschooling yahoogroup recently, we responded to a pre-k play-and-learning group post.  Then, last week, we went on our first field trip to join in the group.  It was fabulous!

We all met at the NRP Sheep Pasture, where Momma-conversation and kiddo-fun flowed freely in a safe, stunning setting on a gorgeous autumn day.  Picnicking.  Chasing fowl.  Hiking.  Feeding goats.  Seeing sheep.  Playing with sticks.  Sharing storytime on a large boulder with the book Changes by Marjorie N. Allen and Shelley Rotner (which we happened to pick up earlier that day at library storyhour -- another free fun-and-learning thing we regularly participate).  Exploring nature, particularly one big stump the kids engaged in studying together.  And, Luke's favorite, fall fishing for algae in a little pond...  Truly, it was a perfect afternoon spent with a group of folks we are more than pleased to have our kids socialize with at a location we would not know existed if it weren't for homeschooling.  Can't beat that!

Homeschool or not, what are some of your favorite places and activities for socialization and field trips?  Do share!

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gemini said...

Beautiful children and blessings from above. Happy playing and the kids are beautiful. Bless you this TT day.

pam said...

Our two daughters were homeschooled for a while. People learned so much about the process through all their questions. And unless you lived in the boonies socialization is so not a many options for interacting with others. It is such a precious gift to spend that time with your children. Hope your weekend is grand!

Patty said...

Those comments will ease somewhat...especially from family and friends.

There are so many factors in socializing...and if school is our highest thank you. Not in this day and age.

I always look for "free" or homeschool specials. Call around and check...or check with other groups.

Looks as though you had a fun day indeed!

Harter said...

How wonderful! We homeschool too, we have a park day once a week for the kids to play with others at. Tons of fun!

Happy Thankful Thursday!


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