Monday, May 17, 2010

What an Honor - I am Guest Posting over at Hartley's Life with 3 Boys

Wow! Hartley Steiner, author of This is Gabriel Making Sense of School: A Book About Sensory Processing Disorder, who is and incredible mom, author and blogger, happened upon my Sensory and Skills Spring Activity Bags post, and, after after reading it, asked me to guest post on her blog.

As a new SPD mom and a fairly new blogger, I was both humbled and excited by Hartley's request. And, today, I am thrilled to announce that I am guest posting over at her site.  Go there, to read Homemade Sensory Diet for Summer if you'd like a few ideas for sensory-based outdoor activities to enjoy with your children this spring and summer.  The ones I describe are definitely ones Luke and Nina like!  And, of course, while you are there, take a look around.  Hartley's blog is chock full of great information and ideas.  I feel blessed to share a snippet of our homeschooling and SPD journey on it.


Hartley said...

Hi Martianne -

So happy to have you on my blog today! And did you see? The first comment was from Your Therapy Source -- an OT that loved your ideas and even shared your ideas on Twitter. :) Told you those ideas were great! LOL

Check back for more comments from other SPD moms sharing their ideas. :)

Thanks again Martianne! :)

Alysia said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! I can't wait to have my son out there, cutting the grass!



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