Saturday, October 16, 2010

Montessori Materials GIVEAWAY at Montessori Printshop

You know me, when I hear great news, I have to share it.  But, this is a giveaway I am almost reluctant to share about since doing so will garner more entries into it and less of a chance for me to win.  (And, I so want to win!!!!)  But, in the spirit of sharing useful and awesome resources with all, I am quelling my selfish desires to open up the possibility that YOU might win instead. :)  Truly, this is a great one!

The giveaway runs from Friday Oct 15th 2010 to Friday Oct 22nd 2010.

They're giving away ..... drum roll please.....

A Montessori Print Shop Deluxe CD Rom
(2 Disc Collection)

Current Value - $589.32 US

It includes:
  • all PDF Files listed in our store at this time 
  • 4 Primary Teaching Manuals in PDF File format
      • Practical Life
      • Sensorial
      • Language
      • Math
  • Instructions on how to prepare and use:
      • Toddler Cards and Books
      • 3-Part Cards
      • Nomenclature Books and Cards
      • Match-Up and Memory
  • FREE Xpresspost shipping
      • approx. 1-4 business days for delivery within Canada
      • approx. 2-5 business days for delivery within the United States

Details for entering the Giveaway are here.

Some samples of the Montessori Materials included on this Deluxe CD Rom - 2 Disc Edition
To view photos of all 803 Montessori Materials on this CD Rom visit the Store .




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