Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roller Skating: P.E. and a Little Drama

Luke and Nina recently found a box of sporting equipment I had set aside “until the kids got bigger.”  In it, they discovered some toddler roller skates a Freecycler had given us.  Their eyes lit up and they begged to try them out.  Since their feet are almost big enough to fit in the skates, I agreed.

After a quick fitting and two-stride test inside, we took the roller skates outside.  Nina, immediately got distracted with other outside wonders, while Luke stayed focused on his “new” skates.  At first, he moved gingerly– slowly taking “baby glides” up the sidewalk.

Then, he got bolder, playing peek-a-boo through his legs after losing his balance and discovering himself in the perfect stance for the game.

Finally, he added a bit of drama: fake falls!  Yep, Luke just had to test out his knee pads!  No sense having them on if they won’t work.  Gotta test them to make sure they work.

And, so the fun continued that day, and the day after, and the day after that…  Roller skating became part of our P.E. curriculum.

(And part of dramatic play, too – Can we say “zoo train”?  Ah, Luke and Nina’s imaginations…  Somehow, we lost the picture, but I am still smiling at how they attached all their roller skates together and stuffed animal figurines in them to make a zoo train across the entry to our home one day. )

What physical (and dramatic) fun have you been enjoying lately?  And, homeschoolers, any recent finds-cum-curriculum like our Freecycle-roller-skates-cum-P.E.-time one?

We are so grateful for all the wonderful free(cycled) fun we have been having outdoors.  God is good to keep us on track with our Mission and Goals, including "loving moving"!  To see what others are thankful for today, see the links at Heavenly Homemaker's Gratituesday.


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