Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions a.k.a. Simplify and Enjoy!

It’s a new year, a newly improved me!  That’s my goal as I embrace the 40th gift of 365 days that lays ahead of me. Or, more specifically, my goal is to improve who I am so I can better train up Luke, Nina and Jack.  Yep, my birthday gift to myself (my family and my Maker) is to be a better Model Momma.   So, here is my new year’s resolution (new year for me, that is):

I will SIMPLIFY and learn to enjoy more again!

Instead of making myself crazy trying to attend to too many things at once, I will focus on single action steps and habits every 21 days – or for simplicity and sanity’s sake, perhaps each month.   The timing does not matter.  The commitment does.

I will also remember to tuck my to-do’s away for a moment each day to simply stop, be present and laugh with my kids and my husband.

So, the first Monthly Commitment:

To simplify --  Reclaim Mike and my bedroom.
To enjoy – Dance each day!

Why these particular commitments?  Because I want to wake and go to sleep each day with a smile and I find that very difficult to do in the mass of clutter I’ve been calling Mike and my room.  And, because as I look back six years to when Mike and I met, I recall that loving to dance was one of the first things that drew us to each other.  Yet, we almost never dance in our home anymore.  Time to re-embrace the fun of it together with the kids.

Wish me luck!  Cheer me on.  Ask me in 5 days, 10, 15… 21 days how I am doing.  Then, at the month’s end, remind me to take stock of my first Monthly Commitment.  And, if you wish, leave me a comment about your own Monthly Commitment so I can cheer you on as well, praying for us as I move along with single-focused smiles!


Patty said...

That is a beautiful gift and you are so smart for seeing it!

When I turned 40, I decided to grasp life more fully, embrace all the moments - the good and the bad - and try to slow down this fast paced world as much as possible in doing so.

Hence, I started blogging and kept my camera in hand so much, you'd think it was another limb! Ha! It made me see more of the beauty...things that I would naturally be missing.

You will love 40! It will only get better. I'm a big simplifier, life is so much better that way.

I'm so excited for you and wish you an early birthday wish!

God bless!

izzy said...

Simplify. That's the best resolution ever! Its always good to focus on quality than quantity! All the best!


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