Sunday, September 25, 2016

Enjoy Celebrating an Angels Feast Day with Faith through Food and Fun

I just realized that I never shared here about all the fun we had last year celebrating the
Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael the Archangels and the
Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels.  So, I thought I would do so now in case anyone could use a little inspiration for living the liturgical year this coming week.

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Prayer, Chat and Storytime

We opened our gathering with a Prayer to St. Michael and the Guardian Angel prayer.  Then, we chatted about what the children already knew about angels and what questions they might have. 

We also read excerpts from the Catholic Children's Treasure Box (a favorite series of books which includes sweet readings about angels, including the kids' favorite - Wupsy, a guardian angel), the Story Library of Saints (which is an out-of-print collection of saint stories that includes one on St. Michael) and the Picture Book of Saints (a classic which sells used for only a penny.)

(Because I was so busy leading this period of our gathering and the other moms were setting up elsewhere, I have no pictures of this portion of our festivities.)

Feast Time

After our introductory prayer, chat and storytime, we gathered at a feast table, which was set simply with statues of angels, a guardian angel candle, some white candles, a yellow candle (since orange and gold are traditional colors associated with St. Michael), and, of course - treats!

Among the treats were:

  • popcorn (because we were going to watch a movie, but also because the white reminds us of the heavens)
  • angel-shaped cookies
  • hot apple sauce in a crock pot (because Michaelmas falls around apple picking time and so apples became traditional at this time of year)
  • apple juice ( because cider is also traditional to this feast day in some areas)

Movie Time

After a prayer of thanksgiving for our food and our gathering, the children dug into the treats and we headed outside for a large-screen viewing of My Secret Friend: A Guardian Angel Story, a sweet little movie that elicited quite a few giggles from the kids.

Craft Time

When the movie ended, we went back inside and enjoyed craft time.

First, we made two-sided beaded bookmarks.

To make them, the children selected pictures of St. Michael and other angels that I had printed out along with the text boxes of the St. Michael Prayer and the Guardian Angel prayer printed in different fonts.  They cut these out and affixed them to both sides of a bookmark sized piece of cardstock, which they, then, decorated with markers.

Once the children were happy with their decorated bookmarks, we laminated them and, then punched holes at the top. 

Using ribbon and seven pony beads, we then strung beads "sacrifice bead style" so the children could pull a bead each day of the week they remembered to pray their angel prayers.

The children so enjoyed making these bookmarks, and, our family was happy to use them to pray and to decorate our St. Michael Name Day breakfast table.

Some of the children and moms made angel art, too.

For this art, we used mini canvases, wooden angel cut outs, glitter, paint, markers, coloring pencils, glue, etc.

The artwork came out beautifully!

In fact, the entire gathering was beautiful.  With faith, food, fun, and friends, we so enjoyed celebrating the angels.

More Ideas

Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael the Archangels and the Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels celebration was such a fun, faith-filled time that I had hoped to make it an annual event.  But, alas, this year, it just cannot happen.  We have such a full family schedule this week, that we'll be celebrating the feast days in simpler quieter ways this year likely using ideas I gathered and shared for our Planning St. Michael’s Feast Day Tea: A Resource Round-Up, enjoying playing games with our St. Michael's Symbols 3-Part Cards (which you can grab for free!), and tossing the evil our of the heavens like St. Michael, as has become a tradition for our family.

Other Liturgical Year Fun This Week

If you'd like ideas for some of the other feast days coming up this week, please enjoy flashing back to these posts:
St. Jerome's Feast Day on September 30

St Theresa's Feast Day on October 1

One day, I will get around to sharing more about the fabulous St. Theresa day celebrations we enjoyed with friends for two years running, but now now.  It's back to weekly planning for me.
May you enjoy each of the special feast days and memorials that are coming up. 

I'd also love to hear how you celebrate.

Saints Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Jerome, and Theresa, pray for us.


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