Sunday, July 17, 2016

Nina's Top Five Traditions for Family Faith

Tonight, Nina and I were chatting and she started telling me about her favorite ways that we pray and study about religion together as a family.  I have to say, I had no idea which of the many ways we practice our faith speak the most loudly to my little girl's heart lately.  Now, I do.

Rosary Decades

Nina said she likes how we pray the rosary in the car every time we go somewhere.  I must say, I do, too.  It's a prayer peg that I am so glad to have made a habit out of. 

Bible Time

Nina then told me she loves when we read the Bible together, especially HER Bible.  For, yes, she remains delighted with the Bible that she picked out, which became an answer to prayer for us even though, lately, I have been neglecting to make time daily to read it with her.  (Thank you for the reminder, my sweet child!)

Peg Dolls

"You might not realize it, Mama..." Nina then began as she walked across our living room and back to me. "I like these, too."  She held out her hand which had a peg doll in it.  Painting peg dolls, using them as decorations during saint "teas", and playing with the dolls all rank high on her list.

Rose Petals and Thorns

"And, Mama, it's not really prayer, but it sort of is.  I like when we do rose petals and thorns..." Nina continued.  "Rose petals and thorns" was the predecessor and successor to our Five Finger Examen

We began, years ago, sharing our "rose petals" (or favorite, sweetest, most beautiful memories of the day" and "thorns" (or least favorite, most challenging, most upsetting portions of the day) with one another before bed and praying about them.  Then, we moved into a
Five Finger Examen for a while, but now the "rose petals" and "thorns" are back.  It's a simple, lovely tradition which often leads to us going to bed with mas the children thank our Lord for things that were "a whole rosebush!"

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The Catechism

Finally, Nina said, "I like when we use that book.  You know, with the big circle in the center, and the little pictures around it."  At first, I did not know which of the many books we read that she was referring to, but, then, she added, "The small one," and I knew right away.

"This one?  My First Catechism?"  I asked. 

"Yes."  Nina smiled.  "It's fun when you read that and we answer questions." 

Well, I am glad my girl finds learning the Catechism enjoyable and with a book that currently sells used for but a penny, too.

What are some of your child's favorite family faith traditions and resources?  I would love to hear about them!


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