Sunday, July 12, 2015

What Do You Do When You Get into the Car?

"Mom, you forgot to pray a decade," piped up a little voice from the back of our minivan this morning just as my husband and I had entered into a conversation.

Although my little one had interrupted my husband and me, his words made me smile.  

In my head and my heart, I prayed:  Thank you, God, for my youngest.  Thank you for affirming a positive and meaningful habit is being built in my children.  Thank you for this time.  And, thence, I began the simple Prayer Peg that we've attached to our regular entry into our minivan.

Basically, almost every time we get into our van, we say a brief prayer pf some sort of another, and, if it's the first time in a day that the children and I hit the road together, we pray a bit longer.

First, we pray the Guardian Angel prayer.  Then, we pray a decade of the rosary together, pausing between each Hail Mary to vocalize special intentions for friends, family members, those in the vehicles around us, the world at large, etc.

Sometimes these prayers are truly beautiful and reverent.  Other times, well, at least they are shared.  All the time, they are heard, we trust, and for that, we are most grateful!

Do you pray, too, each time you enter your vehicle?  Spontaneous prayers, meditative prayers or traditional prayers?  What other Prayer Pegs have you added to your daily life?


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