Sunday, July 31, 2016

Luke's Five Favorite Faith Aids

When Luke saw that Nina had shared her Top Five Traditions for Family Faith a couple weeks ago, he asked if he could share five of his favorite faith things.

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The Action Bible

Luke said:
I am trying to read The Action Bible every day like a regular book, because I am trying to become familiar with all of the Bible stories.  I like reading the Bible stories this way because I just love the book.  It's my style.  It doesn't have much print and has a lot of pictures.  (I also like novels and handbooks.)

It is such a joy to see Luke reading his
Action Bible every day.  He truly is dedicated to it right now.  Every day lately I witness him find a quiet space to read.  In fact, over the weekend, when we went camping and I told him he could only pack one book for the trip, I was happily surprised to see him grab The Action BibleAs he put it in our minivan, he said, "I want to read this every day, Mommy."  I am delighted that he does.

Of course, at some point, I would love for Luke to read the Word straight from a traditional Bible with the same dedication he I doing so with the
The Action BibleHowever, for now, I am just glad that he is choosing to read the Word in any form on a daily basis - all of his own impetus.

(As a side note, I noticed that
The Action Bible is 42% off at Amazon right now.  So, if it's something you think your children would like, now might be a good time to look into getting it.)

The Picture Book of Saints

Luke said:
I got the Picture Book of Saints as a gift.  I really like it.  It has an illustration and large biography of a saint on each page.  We use it for saint feast days, to browse through, ...  And, I once used it to help a friend.  My friend's mom could not think of names for her new baby, so I used this book to make a list of suggested names.  She chose two of the names on my list as the baby's first and middle name.

Peg Dolls

Like Nina, Luke loves peg dolls.  He said:

I made my own, so I know a few things about them, such as: Be patient, and let it dry.  Mine were not the best and are not in this picture.  Mom has to find pictures of mine later.

I sometimes play with our peg dolls.  We play that they knock the devil out of heaven and stuff like that. We once even did a saint show-and-tell show.  More tell than show.  We also use them for saint day decorations and when we do feast days with our friends.  We use them for a lot.  They come in really handy.

Rosary Decades in the Car

Luke said:
Every time we get in the car we pray a decade of the rosary with a special intention for each prayer.  I really like that, because I get to have more people praying for intentions (my family) and it gives me intentions to think about when I pray by myself.  It also allows me to pray for many people.


Luke said:
I LOVE CD's!  Heirloom Audio Productions, the Brinkman Adventures, Holy Heroes...  They are exciting, especially the Heirloom Audios and the Brinkmans.  And, the Holy Heroes ones tell you the lives of saints.  I REALLY enjoy these!  I love when we get them.  It's so exciting listening to new CD's and old ones over and over, especially In Freedom's Cause.

As you can see, Luke prefers faith aids and traditions that are highly visual and auditory.  He also likes general Christian resources along with strictly Catholic ones.  Using a wide variety of resources offers us many opportunities to chat about similarities and differences between the tenets of our Catholic faith and the beliefs of fellow Christians who are not Catholic.  Luke wishes all Christians would understand the Mass and the Eucharist and also is thankful that so many know and love Jesus in one way or another.
What faith resources and traditions speak to your child?


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