Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Sweet Morning Prayer

Happy Father's Day!

As our day wound down here, I had a little one falling asleep on me.  It reminded me of how he did a similar thing just the other morning, which was precious. 

one sweet morning prayer
For the Record:  This photo was not taken during the moment described below.  No photo was.  However, the big blue eyes looking up at me and the delight-filled smile ARE reminiscent of it...

Before either of Jack's siblings were awake, he woke, padded out to me and gave me a HUGE hug.  Then, he cuddled into me and fell back asleep for a while.  

When I saw Jack's eyes begin to flutter open once more, I whispered to him that I was going to move so I could go to put in the laundry.  Instead of rolling off me, he snuggled deeper into me,smiled, and said, "You forgot to do something, Mom."

"What?" I asked.

Jack yawned, smiled and, then, purposefully and playfully stuttered, "G...g...g.." I realized what he is hinting at, hugged him, and began to lead us in our morning prayer: 

Good morning, God, we thank you for this day, please be with Jack, Nina, Luke, Mommy and Daddy and all we think and do and say.

Jack then yawned again, smiled with both mouth and eyes, and said "That's it."

Satisfied, Jack then hugged me and released me to get up to do my chores while he hunkered happily down into the couch.

A simple moment.  A sweet one.  A moment to savor:  my child seeking for us, His children, to open our day together in prayer.

Isn't it beautiful when young children initiate prayer?  What are some of your child's favorite prayers?


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