Sunday, May 24, 2015


For a year or so now, whenever Nina has accompanied me in the Communion line, our pastor has blessed her and said, "Soon and very soon," as Nina eagerly looked up at him. 

So often, afterward, Nina has asked me, "How soon? How much longer until I can receive Communion?" 

This past week, she counted down the days...

Nina beamed when she woke up yesterday.  She beamed when she donned her dress and veil...

She beamed when she got to the church...

She beamed when she picked up the hosts she was going to later bring up to the altar...

She beamed when she sat in her pew...

She beamed as she waited the final moments for Mass to begin...

Then, she squeezed my hand throughout Mass, telling me she was clenching it so that she would not simply jump out of the pew with her eagerness.

Finally, the moment Nina had been preparing for for so long arrived: Nina received Jesus for the first time ever!At that moment, Nina beamed - glowing with gratitude, excitement and love.  Filled, yet hungry for more.  For the next steps on her faith journey.

As for me, I was warmed by the radiance of it all! 

We were gifted such such a glorious day to celebrate Nina's First Holy Communion. 

Nina had waited so long, prepared so well and been so ready to receive Jesus. 

The beauty of it all was made even more special for me since Nina wore the dress my mother had made some 40 years ago for my big sister. 

It was worn by my two sisters and I when we first received Jesus, as well as by two of my nieces before Nina.  My hope is that future generations of sweet souls will wear it, too, as we pass down the tradition of faith that is far more than dresses and celebratory days.  It is truth.  It is love.  It is there waiting for you.

Seven days a week on all seven continents, it is there.  Won't you join us at the table?  Won't you be nourished? 

And, please, will you also join me in praying for for all communicants?  May each of us be fortified forever as we continue our journeys with Jesus with joy!


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