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Are We Happy Accidents or Was the Universe Purposefully Planned for Us? {A Documentary Film Review}

When we were offered a chance to review either Exploring Ephesus, Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story, Privileged Species, Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition or Flight and Metamorphosis by, we debated which to choose.  However, since the whole family likes science and my oldest has voiced thoughts and questions regarding evolutionism vs. creationism, we decided to go with Privileged Species.

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What is Privileges Species?

Produced by critics of Darwinian theory and advocates of intelligent design, Privileged Species is a 33-minute documentary film that investigates how the  universe seems specifically designed to support human life.  It presents evidence from physics, chemistry and biology and focuses on how carbon, water and oxygen make our species possible.  It also contains two special features:
  • a preview of the paperback edition of Darwin's Doubt
  • a trailer for its sister documentary Privileged Planet Review

Our Experience

I watched
Privileged Species with my four- and nine-year old boys.  Of course, parts of the film were over their heads, but they still wanted to watch it and, as we did, they stayed 100% engaged.  They asked questions, made comments and even giggled at times (such as when there was a clip of an old movie about aliens.)

Later, my nine-year-old had this to say about the film:

 "I liked the whole thing.  It taught me about carbon atoms.  I liked the way it was filmed.  The natural pictures and animations were great.  The film talked about life.  I'd watch it again."

And he has.

As for me, I found the film quite interesting, too.  It packed a ton of information into a mere 33 minutes and used some stunning film clips and animations as it did.

The film opens with a clip of Bill Nye the Science Guy talking about how humans are rather insignificant specks of living stuff amid endless specks of other living things in our galaxy.  Then, after its opening credits, the documentary presents the question of if humans are an accidental byproduct of a universe that did not have them in mind and begins to answer that question with evidence which indicates that "the universe seems to be have been designed for us".

The film discusses how four features of the universe - gravitational forces, strong nuclear forces, weak nuclear forces and electromagnetic forces - happen to be "just right" to support our existence. If any of them changed even slightly, life would be nearly impossible.

It then dives into the three elements needed to promote life:  carbon, oxygen and water.  As it does, it presents fact after fact and thought after thought, including the ideas that:

  • The timing and number of supernova explosions in the universe create carbon, a basic building block of life on Earth.  If the number or interval of these explosions changes, the delicate balance of life would be offset and life might actually be destroyed.

  • The viscosity of water, its thermal properties, its density when frozen as compared to in liquid form, and the way it acts as a solvent make it perfect for supporting human life.

  • Oxygen, which is required for all complex life, is at just the right percentage in our atmosphere - 20% - to support us.  Likewise, the balance is just right so as not to have spontaneous combustion of oxygen.   

The film then goes on to explain how humans have unique qualities in the hierarchy of life on Earth.  Things such as:
  • intellectual reasoning

  • a larynx that allows us to communicate with a broad range of verbal sounds

  • brains and hands that work together to help us create basic advances - like fire - as well as greater technological ones

and more .

In short, Privileged Species works to prove that all the "coincidences" of the universe may not have just happened to us, mere specks among other specks in the universe.  Rather, it seems that the universe may have been purposefully designed to support a significant species - humans!

Might You Benefit from Watching This Film Regardless of Your World View?

Obviously, Privileged Species is produced from a creationist point of view and supports the Christian world view of an intelligent designer - God.  Thus, those wishing to gain insight and affirmation from such a point of view might enjoy this film.

Those who question, or even oppose, such a view might find
Privileged Species worthwhile to watch, too.  At 33 minutes, the film does not require a huge investment of time.  Yet it does offer a thorough overview of what "intelligent design" supporters believe.  With a clear presentation and compelling arguments, Privileged Species offers a concise look at what non-Darwinian scientists theorize.   

Learn More
  • View a preview of the film: Review

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