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An Inspired ABC Book and Links to Freebies {A Schoolhouse Crew Review}

We love picture books here and two out of three of mine like kids' music.  So, when I was offered a chance to review S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright I took it. 

A Small Publisher with A Mission for Good

Smiling Sunrise Review

WordsBright is small, independent publisher founded in 2013 to bring fun and educational children's books to the world which emphasize harmony, health and happiness.  Standing by their mission, they contribute 10% of their net earnings towards education and health projects for disadvantaged children.

From a Dad to His Daughter to You

I love when the story behind a book is as good as the book.  With S is for Smiling Sunrise, this is the case! 

One day, an entrepreneur and scientist named Vick Wadhwa tired of the alphabet books that he had found to read to his toddler daughter.  So, he set out to write some rhymes that would be educational and fun for herThus was born
S is for Smiling Sunrise, a positive, purposeful ABC book with a a free sing-along sound track which was inspired by a dad's desire for his daughter.

The picture book has been carefully designed to:

  • teach and reinforce the alphabet to young learners, using rhymes for each letter which can be sung to the tune of the typical alphabet song.  (The rhythm of the text, I found, actually made more sense once I had listened to it sung!)

  • increase vocabulary and comprehension in multi-sensory wayThe rhyming text includes both common early learner words (like the names of colors) and "big" and colorful words (like "fragrant", "kaleidoscope" and "galaxy").  Vibrant illustrations engage visual learners and sing-along text delights auditory ones.  Plus, the capital and lower-case form of each letter appear in the upper left and right sides of each letter page, sized large enough for little fingers to trace (although some of these, like "a" and "g" are in type font, not handwriting font.)

  • encourage strong character development by including some positive words and concepts (such as "I is for infant...Potential for greatness," "Dreams and goals are inner jewels," "caring, sharing and honesty," and "always say, 'Thank you!'"

  • simply enjoy, and perhaps, to give as a gift, using a handy fill-in page at its beginning.

Bright, happy illustrations and sing-along rhymes that include interesting vocabulary and positive values make S is for Smiling Sunrise different than many other ABC books. 

Our Experience

When our copy of S is for Smiling Sunrise first came in, I simply left it in the kids' book basket so they might find it, browse it and either read it to one another or ask me to read it, which they did.

My oldest read the book to himself; my younger ones browsed it; then, we all enjoyed it together.

About a week later, when we were headed out on a short drive, I told the children that I happened to have an audio to go along with the book and asked if they wanted to hear it.  They did, so we listened to it together in the car.  All of the kids remarked on the tune right away and two of the three enjoyed listening and asked to hear the sing-along version of the book a second time.  (The other, who doesn't like any music lately, complained about this.  I asked him to remember to practice his virtues, as mentioned in the book.)

I had hoped to use the book to continue introducing phonics to my youngest, but found that too many of the key words that go along with the alphabet letters do not match up with the basic phonic sounds we are working on.  For example, "artwork" is used for "a" instead of a word with a short a sound and "universe" is used for "u" instead of a word with a short "u".  So, instead, we simply read the book for enjoyment, plus vocabulary and values reinforcement!

I also tried using the book for copywork for my kids, which I thought was a grand idea.  Them?  Not so much!  It was like pulling teeth to get them to do it. (Not due to the book.  Just due to my kids.)  Still, I think the verses make for worthwhile copywork since the verses are short, simple and, often, meaningful.


This purposeful book has potential for much fun and learning for young children and can capture attention with vibrant illustrations and sing-along text.

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Smiling Sunrise Review

  • Look into buying optionsThe book is available as a physical book ($16.95) or as an e-book ($5.99), with discounts depending on the vendor you use or the volume of books you purchase.      

Wordsbright Review

Might the young children in your life enjoy this purposeful ABC book?  

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