Friday, August 1, 2014

One Simple Step to Beautify Your Home

My husband gifted me with a couple hours at home by myself the yesterday to clean and organize.  

One of my first areas of attack was our kitchen table, which had become a clutter magnet for papers, art projects and more, all pushed to one end so we could eat on the other.

As soon as I had the table cleared, I thought, Pause, Martianne.  Clear is not enough.  What tiny step might you take to beautify this space?

Answering my own question, I stepped outside and cut a few blooms to make a bouquet, which I placed on the table.  Doing this took all of five minutes, if that, yet inspired so much more time spent in delight.

When my daughter came home, she noticed the bouquet right away and asked with a huge smile, "How did those flowers get there?"  I told her I had picked them.  She then gathered crayons and paper, plunked herself down right next to the flowers and began to draw and color with a huge smile on her face.

Then, this morning, the first thing my daughter did was go outside and pick a tiny bouquet of her own to add to the table.

Her younger brother followed suit.

Now, instead of one piece of clutter left on the table attracting more clutter and creating a space that is anything but beautiful, one small effort seems to be multiplying smiles!

The simple baby step that I took of clearing the table and putting a small bouquet on it has been magnified by my children's delight and purposeful activity.

I have oft heard it said that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."  My journey toward truly making the spaces of my home more beautiful has commenced.  How about yours?

What baby step might you make today to beautifying your home?


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