Saturday, August 2, 2014

Join the Journey Toward Beautifying Your Home One Small Baby Step at a Time

Yesterday, I shared my first baby step towards a renewed journey to beautify our home.

Today, I'd like to invite you to journey along your own similar path, sharing as you go.

You see, a week or so ago, when a friend posted on her Facebook page, "I don't have a single beautiful space in my house. I don't have an 'eye' or any clue how to make the space look nice," I realized that I could echo her sentiment. 

I also thought, But there are folks I know in person and through Facebook who DO have that "eye"

Then, I thought, Connections! Might there be interest in an online idea and help group on Facebook where we might post a picture of a space in our home and ask others for ideas about it?  Might those who join it who live close to one another connect in person to offer help to one another?

With these thoughts in mind, I spontaneously began the Facebook group Baby Steps to Beautiful Spaces for Busy Families as an experiment to see if we might encourage one another in beautifying our homes one baby step at a time so that our homes can best reflect the beauty that dwells within, which if course, is the people!

So far, the group has had little action.  That is okay.  

It served a purpose of encouraging a friend on a given day and has subsequently given me a place to be accountable for my own periodic baby steps - or at least a first baby step so far.  

If you seek an online space for encouragement and accountability in creating your own more beautiful physical space, please feel free to join us!  For my journey to creating more beautiful spaces within my home has begun anew and if you are ready to begin - or continue on - a similar journey, I'd love to share.  

Where do you find inspiration and accountability for creating more beautiful spaces?


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