Sunday, August 24, 2014

Do You Share Moments of Greatness?

"Mommy, can you share my moments of greatness?"  Jack asked the other night as he crawled upon me to offer a big hug after I gave him his bedtime blessing.

"Sure."  I smiled, reflected back upon the day and began to verbally list a litany of moments when Jack had shown with virtue, love and skill.

"You gave me the best hug this morning... You continued to tidy the living room when your brother and sister stopped tonight... You helped make our meal...  You welcomed friends at the beach... You marveled at the creatures God made and delighted in catching crabs... You were able to keep your body safe by buckling your car seat all on your own... You made your snacks with such independence...  You..."

With each specific moment I recalled, Jack's arms squeezed me a bit tighter.  His smile turned into a satisfied giggle.  His siblings' voices chimed in with their own memories of greatness.

Then, of course, during a pause, Luke and Nina each asked me to share their moments of greatness.

I happily obliged, delighted to lay the final focus of our day on that which had evidenced my children growing in age-appropriate skills, wisdom, virtue and love.  Delighted to have each of my children pressed warmly against me, readily recalling so many moments that had blessed our day.  Grateful to balance any moments of lost patience, frustration and other ills that had happened throughout the day (because, reality is, these moments had happened!) with memories of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control and the rest of the fabulous Fruits of the Spirit!

I also paused to ask if the moments we were sharing - the children's greatness - were really moments of their own greatness.  Quickly, Jack replied that they were not.  They are God's!

He gets it!  I smiled.  They all do.

My children understand that greatness comes when we let His love for us shine in us and through us.

Imagine if we all focused on such love -- and the greatness it begets -- a little more each day?  I know there's plenty of room in my days to do so and that sometimes taking time to list how that greatness shined with my children helps us all!

Do you and yours ever verbally share moments of greatness?  How else do you reinforce how God shines in and through each of us?

Please feel free to share about them in comment here or on our Training Happy Hearts Facebook page.  If you leave a link to an idea, I will pin it on the Training Happy Hearts: A Call to Faith Formation in Young Children Pinterest board


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