Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Ten of 2011

I was going to start the 2013 blogging year off by taking a look back at last year’s ten most popular reads here at Training Happy Hearts.  However, when I went to Google Analytics to discover what they were, I discovered something else instead: For some mysterious reason, Analytics stopped tracking everything on the blog over a month ago. 

Odd that Analytics did that, but not so odd that rather tech-deficient me did not realize it until now.  In any case, I believe that I have the tracking fixed now, so, barring any further mysterious changes, things should be all set for next year.  And, now, with a slight adjustment to my plan, please let me offer:

The Top Ten Training Happy Hearts Reads of 2011

(Yes, 2011.  Two-thousand-and-twelve will have to remain a mystery, I guess, since part of it was not tracked.  However, by sharing the Top 10 of 2011, I hope that new readers will be able to find some old posts to discover and old readers can enjoy ones they may have missed.  I know I enjoyed revisiting each of the ten!)


Planning a Simple, Yet Complete Advent 2011: An Alphabet of Plans for a Literature-Based Family Advent Rich in Sensory Input and Special Activities


Frugal Fridays (Vol. 2): Sensory and Skills Spring Activity Bags with a Bit of Montessori Inspiration


Routine and Rhythms: Our New Morning Lotto Charts


Routines and Rhythms: 5 T's for Bedtime Routine Printable


Resource Round Up of Body Parts Cards


If You Cannot Find It, Make Do: 3-Part Life of Mary Sequencing Cards


I Can Calm Myself ABC Cards


Assumption of Mary: No Cake Nor Juice Boxes, Just Some Drama



Alerting Activity ABC Cards

May each of you be starting a fantastic year of joy, hope, growth and blessings.  Feel free to share a prayer request for my family and I to lift up!

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