Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last Minute Ideas for a GFCF Epiphany Feast Day Tea

Happy “Little Christmas!” I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful Christmas season and will savor this special day, too.

Later this morning, we will be enjoying a liturgical breakfast tea in celebration of Epiphany.  I thought I would share a quick collection of ideas for it in case you’d like to throw together some feast day fun for your family, too.


2010 Liturgical Table for Epiphany - Where Our Traditional Crown Making Began
  • We have yet to put the pieces for the three kings up with our nativity scene, so the kings will adorn the table and, then, make their way to the nativity.
  • We will also set out a candle (star) behind a nativity snow globe that we have .

Tea Time Fare 
    2011 Epiphany Tea
  • Star Juice:  Orange juice, or any juice for that matter, is a treat in our home.  Nina requested that we purchase some for the feast day because it is the color of stars.
  • Wise Men Tea:  In some of the picture books that we have been reading, it mentions that the kings were healers and used herbs.
  • GFCF Cinnamon Donut Stable:  Frozen GFCF donuts are also a treat at our home.  Nina decided we could pile them to make a wonderful stable cave.  So, we’ll try doing that and putting a Baby Jesus figurine inside.
  • GFCF Gingerbread Wise Men:  Nina spied gingerbread men on sale in the GFCF section of the store last night and thought they’d make great king figures to walk up to the donut stable.
  • Blueberry Sky with Pineapple Star:  No tea is complete, in my opinion, without some raw, whole foods to balance all the treats.


2010 Home Blessing
  • Home Blessing:  We have not done it every year, but I think the Home Blessing might be fun and meaningful again this year.
  • Chalk Blessing:  If we do the Home Blessing, we will need to do the chalk blessing, too.


We also have The Story of the Three Wise Kings and Caspar and the Star, plus many of the Nativity story books from our Advent Alphabet book baskets. 
  •  Stars: We may make paper stars like the ones we made several years ago, inspired by those in Tomie de Paolo’s The Story of the Three Wise Kings, or perhaps we will make play-dough ones with the yellow glitter play-dough we made the other day.
  •  Paper Crowns:  We will likely make some again this year, and then, again do some dramatic play.
  • Coloring:  Any Google search will bring up a gazillion Epiphany coloring pages.  We’ll let the kids pick their own.
  • Read Alouds:  We have a big basket of Epiphany picture books out from the library, so we will read some of these, especially our favorite, The Story of the Three Wise Kings.
  •  Traditional Songs:  Of course, we'll sing or listen to some traditional songs, such as We Three Kings.

Do you have favorite foods, activities or traditions for sharing Epiphany with little ones?  Please share.


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Elisa said...

Thanks for sharing your list of books. We are looking forward to reading some of these this week.


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