Monday, December 31, 2012

Raw Foods First: My Happy New-to-Me Habit

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With New Year’s Day less than 24 hours away, I am tempted to delineate goals for 2013.  However, history proves that I am not good at long-term goal setting anymore, and that even some of my shorter term goals fall by the wayside as life with kids, husband, home and work rolls along.  Thus, I have reigned myself in. 

Instead of setting myself up for defeat by writing out resolutions, I have decided to pick a Happy New-to-Me Habit to work on instead.

The first habit I am picking is one that supports our family food goalsI begin each day by eating something raw

Now, I cannot say that this is a completely new concept for me.  Many years ago, I tried living the Fit for Life diet and, even more recently, I modeled Fruit First in the morning for the kids.  However, these eating choices did not last.  I quickly slipped back into my carboholic ways, grabbing starches instead of produce as my first morning choices.  The habit of morning Produce Power never stuck.  I craved both the convenience and the satisfaction of other foods. 

That’s where raw foods come in.  “Raw” can include more than just fruits and vegetables.  Raw foods can even include an occasional treat.  And, better still, I have a feeling that once Raw Foods First becomes habitual for me, the habit might get picked up by my whole family.  The kids may model after my new eating habits.  Mike may.  And, then, who knows what additional habits will happen.  I may even be ready for a big step I envision – adding more living foods to my diet.

But one habit at a time.

For today, Raw Foods First is it. 

And, yes, I said today.  Why wait for the New Year to begin?  New healthy habits can begin any day.  I am eating raw as I post this.

What habits do you hope to form in 2013?


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