Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Lady of Altagracia Tea: Looking Forward and Back

Our First Saint Tea Ever, which Was in Honor of Our Lady of Altagraica in 2010

As I ordered A Gift of Gracias: The Legend of Altagracia last night, I got a bit nostalgic.

It was three years ago this month that our family celebrated our first Saint Tea, and, although I have neglected to post pictures of our annual Our Lady of Altagracia tea since, we have never missed enjoying this particular occasion. So, today, as I look forward to our family's annual tea on the 21st, I thought I would share pictures from the past three year's worth of menus in the hopes that they may inspire other families to enjoy celebrating Our Lady in two weeks, too.

Our 2010 Lady of Altagracia Tea

In 2010, Luke, Nina and I celebrated with Grammy. Our menu included freshly orange clementine juice, orange muffins, orange snowball cookies, orange glaze and clementines and decorations included a basket of oranges, a candle, the book A Gift of Gracias: The Legend of Altagracia and a framed image of Our Lady with a rosary around it.

Nina, at 2 years old, making our juice.
Our 2011 Tea

Luke, Nina, Jack and I celebrated with our neighbor.  Our menu and decor were the same as in 2010, with the addition of Pan de Coco on menu and gold stars the kids had helped cut out and decorate for the table.

Close Up of 2011 Tea
At but seven months old, Jack could not eat our tea menu, but he sure enjoyed teething on plates.
Since we forgot to put out our "oranges and stars" juice wigglers during tea, Daddy enjoyed them later with us in 2011.
Our 2012 Tea

For the first time, Jack, Nina, Luke and I were able to celebrate Our Lady of Altagracia with Daddy.  We did a lunch tea with a menu that included, orange juice, clementines, "oranges" (sliced sweet potato rounds), a large "orange" (knox-juice wiggler), an "orange orchard" (greens, carrots and ham), and GFCF orange cookies.

Nina and Luke helping to make our "orange orchard".

Nitrate- and nitrate-free ham, organic carrot slices and organic baby spinach make for feast day food that meets our food goals.
In 2013?

Our menu for this year is still to-be-determined, but will likely include orange wigglers, GFCF no-bake coconut-orange balls, clementines and a good portion of raw foods.

Will you be celebrating Our Lady of Altagracia on January 21?  What foods and fun will you include?


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