Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Lady of Altagracias Saint Day Tea Menu

This past week, we had planned to celebrate an Our Lady of Altagracia tea and activities on Tuesday morning with a small homeschooling playgroup we get together with each week.  Snow and sickness (on another family's part) changed the plan.  But, all things worked together for fun!

About to dig in to our Lady of Altagracia Tea...

Instead, Luke, Nina, Jack and me enjoyed a tea and sledding at our house with some other homeschooling friends.  We kept things simple and were blessed by fellowship and fun!

Once our friend's arrived, we read A Gift of Gracias and looked up the Dominican Republic in the Not For Parents Travel Book, which one of the older boys who was visiting later perused for quite a long time.

Then, all the children clamored to the table to join in prayer before we dined (or, should I say devoured?) the tea fare.

Some of the menu items were:

oranges (and, post-picture, clementines)

a large "orange" juice wiggler made from knox and 100% fruit juice

a GFCF, grain-free orange cake, which tasted SO much better than it looked

banana-orange cookie bites with fresh orange juice frosting (because bananas are an export of the Dominican Republic, where Our Lady of Altagracia is celebrated)

sausage, spinach, mixed greens and carrots "orange grove"

We also had orange juice, tea and ham roll ups.
(If you'd like any of the recipes, just leave a comment and I will post them soon. )

Finally, the kids played in Luke and Jack's bedroom and then, went out sledding.

It was a simple, but fun celebration with friends.  We hope to have more in the coming months.

Have you been enjoying fellowship, food and fun, too?


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Elisa said...

Thanks for inviting me to link up Martianne. Great ideas for celebrating OLA.


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