Saturday, June 5, 2010

Posting Break Due to Computer Virus

Thank you to all who visit us here at Training Happy Hearts.  We have lots to share still, of course, but no way to do so regularly at the moment.  Our home computer has caught a virus and cannot even be turned on right now.  So, we won't be posting again until we get it fixed.  Sorry!  Please chekc back in a week or two.

Until then, blessings to all!

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Mrs. D said...

I had the same thing happen this week. The guy that was just here to restore our HP said it had something to do with Vista that made it crash.

We are getting it back up but I didn't back up any of my files and I lost A LOT.

Hubby switched to a Mac last year and never had a problem so he got me one. I'm really liking it. It's crazy having computer problem every 12-18 months.

What a racket it is. I mean, the industry makes it so you have to get a new one every other year. Hopefully those days are over for me.


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