Friday, June 18, 2010

June Plans & Possibilities

“There’s no time like the present,” the old adage goes.  And, since June is over half-way through now, I guess it’s high time that I should follow another old saying --  “better late than never” – in order to unwrap the gift of June’s potential to get the Plans & Possibilities focus I mentioned underway…

Mind you, as I do this, that I have been without a computer for nearly two weeks now, so much of what I had hoped to research and brainstorm about was put on hold.  Now, with the month more than half way over, it seems a poor use of time to flesh the ideas out further.  Thus, here is a partial Plans & Possibilities brainstorm for June:

Our Core Four:

Faith Formation:

  •  Richard Scary’s Treasury (as bedtime “chapter book” since the kids are excited by the related Puzzle Town toy Mom uncovered in the attic)
  • Bob Books (to help Luke meet his 10 books for the Borders program)
  • Various books on bubbles, a current interest of the kids
  • Various gardening, spring, etc. picture books
  •  chalk on walkway and drive
  • Dot-to-Dot and Maze Themes; Copywork Ideas and Phrases; Etc.
  • Chalk Number Jumping
  • Cooties
  • Math Games; Math Concept Focus; Etc.
Habit Training:
  • Character Focus: using kind hands
  • Habit Focus: potty
  • Habit Focus:  better bedtime routines
Sensory Stuff:  
  • sensory sand box
  • bubbles
  • shaving cream
  •  Yellow irises are blooming in the garden.
  •  Stella Dora (sp?) are blooming mid-month.
  •  Day Lilies are growing tall and blooming mid-month.
  •  Strawberry picking season is beginning.
  •   Lots of spiders in the yard, especially along the laundry line.
  • Bunnies are coming by yard.
  •  Ants are trooping through the house.
Food (and Power Foods Lab):
  •  Spring Greens (at market, possibly)
  •  Garlic Scapes (at market, possibly)
  •  Herbs (at market, possibly)
  •   Strawberries (picking season)
  •  Rhubarb
  •  Peas (towards the end)
  • New potatoes (at market, possibly)
  • Asparagus (at market, possibly)
  • Power Food Possibilities: Strawberries, Peas and Other Framer’s Market and Pick-Your-Own Fare
  •  Art Ideas; Music Ideas; Etc.
Home & Garden:
  • Need to use sun screen and bug spray now, plus do tick checks!
  • Turn on outdoor water.
  • Buy and plant some seedlings to start a low-maintenance home vegetable garden.
  • Research and experiment with planting our gone-by winter-stored onions and potatoes ?
  • De-clutter and organize for baby.
National, Local and Other Observances:
  •  Father’s Day
  • Flag Day
  •  National Dairy Month
Family Life:
  • Baby almost here
  •  Father’s Day (late celebration when Mike gets back from AT)
  • Mikey’s Graduation?
  • Cousin John’s Service Send Off ?
Field Trips & Outings:
  • Cirelli’s BBQ Bonanza and Friendly’s Customer Appreciation Day (6/5)
  •  Beach Outings
  • Strawberry Picking
  •  Hiking in State Park
  •  Library (on rainy days)
  •   Local Playgrounds
  •  Circus?
Special Interests:  
  • Bubbles and TBD based on kids
Now, as I mentioned, I know this outline is incomplete.  With the hurdles of the past few weeks (car troubles, computer issues, prenatal ligament problems, trying to find time to de-clutter with Mike away at AT, the kids outlasting me energy-wise, etc.) I know I have neglected to list some things on the brainstorm that I could have.  But, it’s a start. 

That said, now with Baby even closer to making his arrival and our home still in disorder, I am rethinking my June goal.  I had hoped to get almost a full year’s worth of Plans & Possibilities brainstorms done.  But, now I am considering changing my focus and pushing off the rest of the Plans & Possibilities brainstorms until later in the year…  We shall see.

Regardless of what I end up doing, I would love to hear about your monthly or sesonal learning and fun plans.  Please leave a comment.


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