Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resource Roundup of Animal Card Links

“They are acting like animals!”  It’s a common comment when spending time with toddlers and even older children.  Well, sometimes, that is exactly what they are supposed to be doing.  At least here at Jammies School they are.  We so enjoy acting like animals during Music Time, Outdoor Time... Anytime!  Plus, we love animal card games of all kinds, sometimes at the playground (as described in my guest post over at Hartley’s Life with 3 Boys) and sometimes as we go card crazy inside (with adapted versions of card games described in this post and post).  Truly, we need no excuse to act like animals. But, sometimes, a few free resources are helpful.  So, today, I would like to share a Resource Roundup of Animal Card Links:

For those who like real pictures of animals and want to use three-part cards for further studies, try the ones under “Animal Classification” at Montessori Materials.

For those who want larger pictures (think visual needs), some categorized by animal types can be found here.

For an entire Animal Classification Unit with beautiful photo cards at the end, this one is for you!

If  you would like an entire alphabet of animal photo cards, check out Billy Bear 4 Kids.

For those desiring cards with semi-realistic looking animal graphics in their habitats, the Animal Habitats cards on this site are cute

For a wide variety of word and animal graphic matching cards that are simple black and white outlines that kids can color in, Kaboose offers some.

For some very cartoonish animal cards of common animals, if that’s what your children like, try ESL Flashcards.

And, of course, If you have some favorite animal card links that are not listed, let us know with a comment so we can check it out.  Plus, while you are at it, leave a comment to tell us how you enjoy acting like animals in your home!

 And, if you are as thankful for something as I am for finding great free resources like these and having some animal fun with them with my kiddos, link up with Thankful Thursday, this week at Grace Alone, where you can share your gratitude for all things - great and small!



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