Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Always Book: Richard Scary's Best Story Book Ever

"Momma, don't forget the always book," Luke said as we headed to his and Nina's room for quiet time the other day.

"Which book is that, Luke?"

"You know, the chapter book we always read now."  It took me a minute, but, then, I realized he meant Richard Scary's Best Story Book Ever, a heavy volume from my childhood, held together by tape, that my mom had recently passed onto the kids  after noting how Luke had usurped one of Nina's "attic shopping" gifts -- my old Puzzle Town set -- after Nina's family birthday party.  (For fun, Grammy had gifted Nina three of my old toys for her third birthday.)  Indeed, although somewhat of a "twaddle toy", Luke has shown such a great love for building and playing with Puzzle Town, that I have kept it out now for a couple weeks.  And,  Grammy, astute as ever, knew he'd love the Richard Scary book, and, so she sent it home with us about 10 days ago.

She could not have been more right!  Since the book came into our home, it has not gone a day without being poured over by Luke, with Nina often at his side.  And, although it doesn't meet my usual children's books standards, being full of talking animals dressed as people, smoking images (including the one on the cover) and some rather silly stories, it will still be one we keep and read.  The sheer joy it brings the kids earns it a place in our home.  Nostalgia secures that place even further.  And, the fact that the book weaves learning themes and lots of nursery rhymes and themed word book type pages in between its twaddle stories does not hurt either.

So, no, we didn't forget to read the "always book" the other day at quiet time, or at any quiet or bedtime since.  And, the book will live up to Luke's name for it -- remaining always on our shelves (or tucked away in a box at some pint) to pass onto anther generation, we hope, tape binding and all!


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