Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: May Focus May Bring New Locus of Control, and, Therefore, Freedom in Our Home

What's got me smiling?  Organizing!  Yes, you heard that right.  I am actually thrilled to be on a de-cluttering and organization roll and I want to share about it.  Now, I know that Works for Me Wednesday at We are THAT Family is a day when lots of creative and clever folks link up to share ideas about what works for them with everything from raising kids to keeping home and that most of the linked posts contain brief, handy tips that one might readily apply in their own homes and lives.  I try to make mine follow suit usually, but not today.  Why?  Because today what works for me is a new attitude! And, new attitudes is not necessarily brief to explain nor handy to pass on, but, hopefully, in trying to do both I will offer inspiration for others to join me in a feel-great de-cluttering and organization kick!

So here goes... During Lent, I put blogging on hold for the most part due to my personal fasting promises.  Yet, somehow, despite giving up most of my blogging time to attend to other duties and tasks, my house has only been looking small increments closer to being a home.  Yes, I find I have been merely slogging along with our Order in the Home (and, thus, in the Homeschool) efforts while my belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger, only slowing progress further... 
Thus, it has become an undeniable fact: I must step up my focus on home –and homeschool – organization in the coming weeks before Baby steals all of our focus completely.  And thanks to Mom and Dad and their great Mom's Day gift to me, I have got a new, proactive attitude toward doing just that.  I am confident I can succeed!

Over the weekend, kid-free, I was able to make visible progress on Mike and my bedroom (which was what Luke suggested I do, telling me, "Mommy, it's a mess!).  Now, I seek to do the same thing to a much more daunting area of our home: our basement and one-day family, library and learning room.  Likewise, I want to whip the rest of the house into shape both in terms of order and aesthetics.  Big goal?  Yes!  But, I believe it is attainable, one proactive, PMA (positive mental attitude) step at a time!

So, today, as I set forth to continue the roll I began over the weekend, I recognize, for me, doing so includes two main maneuvers: the Thinking One and the Doing One.  The "Thinking" involves assessing what works and doesn't work, making lists and diagrams for my plan of action, and, then evaluating work in progress.  (Now, I know many can disregard this step, but for me and the way my brain works, it is a non-negotiable one.) The "Doing", of course, involves rolling up my sleeves and digging in to both the heavy work and tedious tasks of de-cluttering, organizing and slowly-but-steadily making cluttered house into livable, lovable home. 

It is with the Thinking step in mind that I am now announcing -- and committing to -- a plan of dedicating the majority of my Training Happy Hearts posts for the remainder of the month to holding myself accountable to creating a locus of control in our home(school).  And here I do not mean a control that is overpowering and stunts creativity and freedom.  Rather, I picture one that is defined by order and discipline, freeing our family up to think breathe, learn, live and, indeed, simply move within a comfortable rhythm, with established routines in a pleasant space.  Wish me luck!  (And focus, of course!)  May the remainder of May bring the locus I seek and whatever you have been longing for as well.

If you have any tips about your successful home and homeschool organization & decluttering efforts, notes about personal order-seeking struggles, or simply want to offer a word of encouragement, please share.  I do love comments!  

And, of course, visit the Works for Me Wednesday links at We Are THAT Family for further sharing and inspiration.

Have a blessed day doing what works for you!


Michele @ Frugal Granola said...

Oh, yes, a new attitude in mama is so transformative for the home! :) Great tip! Blessings to you in your organization & upcoming little one!

Nony (A Slob Comes Clean) said...

Isn't it frustrating that while a baby on the way motivates you, it also makes it more difficult to get things done? Of course, it's totally worth all of that, though!

I noticed on your profile that you were a drama teacher. Me too!

Good luck with all of your efforts.

Sarah said...

Hi there! I'm a first timer to your blog. You are SO right a positive attitude makes ALL the difference with our families and in our home. Happy organizing! :-)


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