Monday, May 3, 2010

My Apologies! Please do not support Spaklebox by accessing the site.

Oh my!  I just learned through a yahoogroup I am a part of that a site I recently found (and loved and recommended!) is owned by a man who has been jailed for reasons involving children and the internet.  Thus, I have taken down my links to the site within the body of some of my posts and posted a link to an article about the man being jailed.  My apologies for leading others to this site.

Please if, others know of other seemingly helpful sites run by uncrupulous folks, let me know in a comment or email.  I do not want to support them!

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Rose :: said...

Thx for alerting me that this month is Mother Mary's month. I did not know that, although I featured the Mother Mary Beatles song somewhere else on the web just days ago...

And..., in the light of this article, we'll both do our best, I believe, to have some good, educational kid craft projects on our site.

Ours are definitely focused on teaching environmental care and love, as well has teaching color, creating functionality out of useless materials & supplies, and things like this. I guess yours will have a more religious bend.


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