Sunday, January 15, 2017

Top 10 Faith Posts of 2016

Are you looking for ways to teach and celebrate faith-related ideas with your children in 2017?  Perhaps scrolling through our Top 10 Faith Posts from 2016 will inspire you.

Recently, I realized that again in 2016, the Top 20 most popular posts were here at Training Happy Hearts were split almost 50-50 between reviews and giveaways and faith-related posts.  Thus, today, I thought I would share our Top 10 Faith Posts of 2016 s that you might discover inspiration that you may have previously missed or enjoy revisiting an idea that you'd like to try out in 2017.

I pray that as you scroll through our Top 10 Faith Posts from 2016 you are inspired to continue to live and grow in faith in 2017.  


Paint a Marian Peg Doll

Whether you are a novice or an old pro, painting peg dolls can be fun for all ages.  Find fabulous designs to inspire your own Marian peg dolls among the ones that local friends and I created.


Check Out Our Beautiful New Lenten Learning Tool!

Why stop at peg dolls when wooden eggs are so much to decorate as well?  My first forays into woodburning were fun as I participated in a local Lenten Resurrection Eggs swap.  You can find close ups of each egg and brief explanations of their symbolism at  this post.


Make D.I.Y. Stations of the Cross Prayer and Sequencing Sticks

Paint sticks, paint, laminated printouts, scissors, and velcro were what we used to make DIY Stations of the Cross Prayer and Sequencing Sticks last Lenten season.  Find details of how we made them, as well as other ideas and resources for teaching and praying the Stations of the Cross at this post.


10 Ways to Begin Advent

We do love celebrating Advent and Lent in big ways and small here. Plan ahead to next Advent with inspiration from 10 Ways we celebrate.


How We Plan to Celebrate the Canonization of Mother Teresa + a SKILL TIME Round Up!

Sometimes, we like to build most of our lessons and activities around liturgical celebrations.  Whether you're looking for a single quick idea to celebrate Saint Theresa of Calcutta this coming year or would like a while bunch, you may find what you're looking for here.


Go on a Doors of Mercy Pilgrimage

The window for going on a Doors of Mercy pilgrimage may have passed, but the need for mercy and the blessings of pilgrimages seems ever-present.  Perhaps 2017 could be your year for seeking sacraments during pilgrimages.


Begin a Works of Mercy Wise Men Tradition with 16+ Picture Book-Inspired Service Acts

Whether you'd like to begin a fun new tradition that marries picture books and acts of kindness next Advent or are looking for simple inspiration for Works of Mercy throughout Ordinary Time, perhaps this post can help.


Plans to Honor Our Lady of Sorrows through Art, Music, and a Poet-Tea

Lots of folks seemed to like the plans I shared for an Our Lady of Sorrows Poet-Tea.  In case you did not see how those plans played out, feel free to pop by this post:



Enjoy Saint Padre Pio S.K.I.L.L. T.I.M.E. + (and a FREE Copywork Printable!)

Bookmark this post for September if you'd like a free copywork printable to help celebrate Saint padre Pio's feast day!  You'll find plenty more learning ideas there, too.


8 Sensory Smart Ways to Celebrate St. Anthony of Padua

In recent years, I have moved away from posting so much about SPD, but it seems some of you still appreciate sensory-smart ideas like the ones I shared related to St. Anthony of Padua.  I wonder if you also noted the FREE St. Anthony of Padua Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable I shared, too.


  We'd love to hear which posts YOU liked best in 2016 and what you'd like to see us focus on sharing more of in 2017.  As you might guess, there are always more things happening than we have time to write about, and we'd love to tailor what we share to what you'd like to read.  So, please don't be shy with requests and suggestions.  

May God bless you a your 2017 unfolds.


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