Saturday, October 15, 2016

There Is Still Time to Get to King Richard's Faire!

Hear ye! Hear ye!  There is still time to enjoy Renaissance-themed merriment at King Richard's Faire this year, which is open 10:30-6:00 on weekends through October 23.

My family was delighted to receive complimentary tickets to this annual festivity again this year, for, truly, the Faire has become a fall favorite for us all!

As has become typical for our annual
King Richard's Faire family fun day, we all woke early, had a big breakfast, and packed a picnic dinner to eat once we returned to our minivan after a full day of Renaissance entertainment.

Then, we headed off to Carver* to catch the opening "act" of the Faire, which always has some bawdy innuendo that, thankfully, goes over my kids' heads, but also includes silliness that the kids get and enjoy. 

(*Directions are here.)

Then, once in the Faire gates, we headed straight back to the Gaming Glen, where - for our family budget's sake - we let each child pick ONE game to play, which Mom and Dad would pay for and as many games as they like that they could pay for on their own. 

This year, none of my children chose to pay for their own games, but my oldest quickly asked us to treat him to a go at Crusader's Crossbows, where he succeeded and was "knighted". 

My youngest, of course, then wanted to give the crossbows a try, too, and, thankfully, (with a wee bit of help from the kind-hearted, smiling gal running the game) succeeded at proving his merit to be on par with his brother's.

By the time the boys were done at the crossbows, we noticed that one our favorite repeat performers at the Faire- Daniel, Duke of Danger - was about to begin his first show of the day.  So, our daughter opted not to try a game, but, instead, to have us all go enjoy the Duke of Danger's show.

Again this year, the Duke of Danger's acrobatic, comical weirdness delighted my children, and had them laughing, "'oo"ing and "ahhh"ing.

After the show was over, they were ready for more shows, so we took a look at the schedule, and began making a circuit of the Faire, taking in the feats of the different performers, which included seeing other perennial favorites, such as the Squire of the Wire Tightrope Walker and Juggler (picture above)...

...the Draiku aerial show...

...and Jacques Ze Whippeur with his Dashing Danger (whichh can get a bit, shall we say, "colorful", so take care if you do not like innuendo and, also, do look for the ratings in the program which tell you which performances, overall throughout the day, may be more PG-13.)

Throughout the performances, the children did not only watch and laugh, but participated at times...

... stood up to get better looks or jumped out of their seats with excitement at others...

...and, genuinely, smiled through in awe, excitement, and humor for large portions of the day!

They also enjoyed seeing some of the wild cats up close...

... took breaks to be silly themselves...

... and locked Mommy up for a moment.

Plus, of course, they found time and space to battle with their swords brought from home...

...between watching each of the three jousting events that they absolutely love each year.

They love the jousts so much, in fact, that they begged for us to go super early to get seats for the last one, and, while waiting, enjoyed their own battle.

Of course, this was only after being fueled up by Faire food, which does come at typical event prices, but also comes with generous portion sizes and with options for special diets. 

It's always fun to see the children share their meals...

... and it's ever so sweet to witness them decide to "gift" each other things at the Faire.  This yer, a small gift happened when my daughter opted to use her game budget money from Mom and Dad to buy corn to split with her brothers as a snack instead.  Love it!

I also love watching my children watch the shows.

With suspense, smiles, and laughter, they take in the jousts.  With delight, they enjoy the Faire.  With gratitude, we head out after the final joust each year, grateful for the fun of
King Richard's Faire!Faire Details

Faire hours are 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday holidays, from September 3rd through October 23, 2016.

Tickets are $31 for adults (12+) and $16 for children ages 4-11. Children under 4 are free.

Parking is free

Discounts are available for groups of 25 adults or more and private parties can be accommodated (birthdays, vow renewal ceremonies, weddings). Groups may make reservations by emailing

The Faire is located at 235 Main Street (Rt. 58) in Carver, Mass. 02330.  The phone number is 508-866-5391 and the email is

You can also visit King Richard’s Faire on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Enjoy King Richard's Faire this weekend or next,a nd, if you cannot make it, do not worry.  The Faire comes round every fall!


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