Friday, November 6, 2015

The Final 3 All Saints Day Game Challenges

Yippee!  I've done it!  I've made the time to get the final three All Saints Day game challenges and FREE printables posted for those that have been awaiting the last installment so as to have a the full set!

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For those that have not been waiting, let me explain:  For our Little Way Home Educators All Saints Day party last year, I created 15 game challenges to be used in conjunction with the saint images, prayers, and facts found in Prayers to My Favorite Saints (St. Joseph Picture Books), a beautiful, inexpensive softcover book that typically sells for $1.50 or lessAs I was preparing for this year's party, I began sharing last year's games in groups of three.  This post brings the final installment.


Each of today's game can be used on its own on All Saints Day, a particular saint's feast day, or, really, any day.  Simply print out the FREE PRINTABLE challenge sheets, gather minimal supplies, and enjoy!

Build a Church Like St. Francis of Assisi
 This game has long been a favorite of my children's and draws young and old children alike at parties.

Set up
requires only a pile of blocks and a challenge sheet.  I like to put a rug to delineate a building space and a basket to hold the blocks in down, too.

It's so much fun to see all the different structures the children come up with and the challenge provides a great, focused, quiet activity for those that need it. 

I like to place this one and the St. Joseph one I shared earlier in this series in a "kiddie corner" area.

Players raced to hop down to greet Mary and to get back to the starting positions.  It was such a fun game just as it was played!  The challenge sheet for it, though, leaves how one hops or jumps to meet Elizabeth open.  You could simply jump on your own, or use pogo sticks, or use just about any hopping toys.  You could also use a Mary state instead of a printed picture. 

Toss Coins like St. Nicholas

This game of skill required eye-hand coordination as children tossed plastic coins through the windows of a Ryan's Room doll clubhouse.

Set up was simple.  I just put a tin of plastic coins, a
Ryan's Room doll clubhouse, and a challenge sheet on the table.  If I'd had another tray, I would have put a tray with a decent ridge/lip under the house to more easily catch the coins that missed the window, but even without a tray, it worked out well.

No dollhouse clubhouse?  No problem!  You could just as easily use a tri-fold board with a window cut out of it, a wooden dollhouse, a wooden castle, or a plastic dollhouse with windows.  As always the challenge sheet leaves the materials a bit open so you can change things to suit your materials and needs.

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As always, if you have particular saints or topics that you'd like help brainstorming games and sensory activities for, just ask!  I'd be happy to see what I can come up with for you. 


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