Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Book about Puberty that Came at a Perfect Time for Us {+ a Discount Code!}

Eeek! It's happening! My oldest is becoming a tween in just a couple weeks. It seems like just yesterday, I was looking a this:

Now, I look at this:

An adolescent who is entering his double-digits, one whose foot now fits perfectly in my hiking boots, whose face just sprung a "big kid" pimple the other day, and whose head no longer tucks under my chin when I hug him.

Sure, my oldest is still "my little boy" and always will be in some ways. However, he will never again be literally "little". For, just as God designed him to do, he is growing in "wisdom and stature" at an incredible rate these days.

That rate means "the time" has come. 

What time?

The time for "the talk"
. Or, the series of talks. You know, the 1:1 chats with Mom and Dad when we discuss with our boy what's happening in his body, mind, and heart and what's happening in those of other boys and girls about his age.

How is that time here already?!

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A Resource that Came at a Perfect Time

Changes Book Cover

I am not sure how my boy got this big this fast, but I am certain that Luke and Trisha Gilkerson offered me a review copy of their newest book CHANGES: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty, at an ideal time.  With it as a resource, navigating talks with my boy will be easier, and better yet, more Biblically-based, for me! 

CHANGES: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty is the second book in a three-part series which includes The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality and Relationships: 7 Lessons to Give Kids a Greater Understanding of Biblical Sexuality, due out in Spring 2016. This slim, 45-page, soft-covered book packs a lot into its user-friendly pages.

A 9-page introduction for parents explains why the book was written:

(Luke and Trisha) were already in the habit of sitting with (their son) and his brothers most evenings, opening Scriptures with them, and talking about how the Bible applies to our lies.  (They) wanted him to learn about sex the same way, focusing on God's Word... We want to be the first dominant voice our kids hear when it comes to the subject of sex.

Then, it lays out how the book is presented and suggests that you might:

Read (chapters) aloud word for word.  Or read them aloud and interject your own thoughts.  Or read them ahead of time to give you a basic outline for what you want to say.  Do what feels most natural for  you and your children.

It makes the wonderful point that :

...God the Son was born in the likeness of man, He did not think himself above the process of puberty.  He experiences the same hormone and psychical changes we all do.  This only further dignifies puberty,,,as good change enacted by a good God
Finally, it talks about when to approach "the talk" with your child and how to get over your own fear about it if you happen to have one.

After that, there are seven user-friendly lessons aimed at parents and adolescents together.  Each of these includes:

  • an opening thought
  • Scripture reading
  • explanations
  • talking points
  • user-friendly diagrams, call-outs and formatting

Lesson One looks at the adolescent years of Jesus and aims to help your child see that the changes that happen during puberty are both natural and good.

Lesson Two looks at the overall process of change in the human body throughout life and how puberty is just one of these changes - not something to be feared.

Lesson Three addresses hormones and the mental and emotional changes of puberty.  It aims to teach your child that God designed natural internal mechanisms in the body that guide the process of puberty.

Lesson Four looks a changes common to both boys and girls, noting how things like changes in height, body odor, complexion, etc. are natural parts of a transition to adulthood.

Lesson Five focuses on the changes that girls face, such as fat deposits, breast development, and menstruation.

Lesson Six discusses the changes boys go through, including muscular growth, facial hair, voice changes, testicular growth, and ejaculation.

Lesson Seven addresses physical attraction as both good and powerful, a thing adolescents need to steward their sexual development well during puberty.

Finally, the book closes with some "What's Next" thoughts, including the need to approach teens with "gospel-centered optimism". Undoubtedly, with tools like The Talk series on hand, parents will be equipped to do just that. I know that
CHANGES: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty is a resource I will be turning to with my son in the coming weeks and months.

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Changes and The Talk

If you love God's Word and have children at the cusp of puberty, too, I would recommend this book.  It truly is a family-friendly tool to give your child a biological and Biblical understanding of puberty.

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CHANGES: 7 Biblical Lessons to Make Sense of Puberty or The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality at Intoxicated on Life through 11/25/2015.

You can also purchases Changes and The Talk at Amazon.

Enjoy Luke and Trisha's Other Products, Too

I have not had the pleasure of reading all of Luke and Trisha's books nor of taking their courses, however, I have always been pleased with those I have. With faith and family products, homeschooling helps, healthy living resources, and an astronomy course, the Intoxicated on Life store has something for many!

How will you help your children understand puberty from a biological and Biblical perspective?


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