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3 More All Saints Day Party ideas with FREE PRINTABLE Game Challenge Sheets

Have you been checking back faithfully since Sunday when I shared 3 All Saints Day Game Challenges with a FREE PRINTABLE ,and said I have 12 more ideas to share as the week continued?  If so, please forgive me for not posting any more game challenges before now.  The day-to-day of lessons, chores, tutoring, and more has kept me from writing as much as I had hope to do so this week.  However, since I do not want to disappoint you, here are three more ideas!

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Just like the game challenges I shared the other day, the ones I am sharing today were inspired by Prayers to My Favorite Saints (St. Joseph Picture Books), a beautiful, inexpensive softcover book that typically sells for $1.50 or less and contains:
  • full-page color images
  • original prayers about 15 saints
  • simple facts and information about each of its featured saints.
With or without a copy of this book, you can easily enjoy Throw the Snakes Out like Saint Patrick,  Build with Saint Joseph, and Journey like Saint Joan of Arc by printing out my FREE PRINTABLE game sheets and gathering a few supplies.  All of the games in today's set lend themselves to quick and easy set up.
Throw the Snakes Out like Saint Patrick

The only photo I got of this game at last year's party, I know, is not of the best quality, but it does offer you a clear idea of how the game worked.  Basically, children tested their vestibular sense and throwing arm while balancing on an exercise ball "island" and throwing a stuffed snake as far as they could down an open space in the gym.  Younger children sat so as to rest their feet on the ground.  Older children, and younger ones who wanted more challenge, attempted to throw the stuffed snake a distance without putting their feet down to stabilize themselves -- a great core muscle work out!

Set up consisted simply of placing an exercise ball and stuffed snake next to a chair with the game sheet taped to it.  I also put some masking tape marks on the floor to give the children target lines to aim at.  You could use the same set up or substitute other objects for the island and snake. The game challenge sheet leaves which actual items are used as :island" and "snake" open.

Build with Saint Joseph

I set up a "kiddie corner" for our youngest friends and any child who needed a quiet momentOne of the activities there was simply a bin of Lincoln Logs with a game challenge sheet nearby. 

To set up I quickly placed the open bin on a blanket in a corner of our All Saints Day party space.  Here, I discovered both younger and older children truly appreciated the opportunity to build and play in relative quiet.

Since challenge sheet for this activity does not state the building material used, any construction toy or supplies could be substituted for the Lincoln Logs.
Journey like Saint Joan of Arc

Prep for this game challenge took the longest, but was hardly difficult.  I simply made banners out of a paper flags taped to a carboard tubes, grabbed some of the carboard shields my children had made before, gathered our Dollar Tree plastic armor, asked to borrow Grammy's Stick Horses, and tossed some plastic knights in a bag.

Once in our party space, to set up, I placed the banners, shields, breastplates, and
Stick Horses, near a chair with the game challenge sheet taped to it.  A short distance away, I placed another chair with plastic knights on it. 

The children, then, suited up for battle and raced each other by galloping around the far chair, weapon in hand
.  What fun they had doing this!  It really helped some release energy while encouraging others to shake off sluggishness.
Free Printable Game Challenge Sheets

As I said in
3 All Saints Day Game Challenges with FREE PRINTABLE Game Challenge Sheets, on each challenge sheet, I included a title for the game, a saint image from Wikimedia common (some of which my own children later used for picture study), a brief fact about the saint, and a short description of the challenge.  Since I have no laminator, I placed the sheets in page protectors to keep them from getting wrinkled or ripped as the children made their way through each station at the party.

Children were encouraged to pair up as they went around from station to station so that strong readers were with developing readers, which enabled all the children to play the games with little adult help.  This method worked well for us.  Perhaps it can for you, too.  Enjoy using our game challenge sheets!

If you missed the first three game challenge sheets and explanations, find them at
3 All Saints Day Game Challenges {with FREE PRINTABLE!}

I hope to share at least three of the remaining nine games that I created over the course of the next few days, so please keep checking back! 

Do you have a particular saint you'd like a game challenge forLet me know the name of the saint and I will see what I can come up with!


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