Saturday, November 28, 2015

Get Your Jesse Tree Ornament Ideas Here

Our local Catholic moms group has been a little swap-happy lately.

Even as we were finishing our saint peg doll swap...

... I was making multiple runs to the craft store to find the perfect ribbon to make Joseph's multi-color coat, was getting high on Sharpies and piercing my fingers twisting mini hangars into shape for a Jesse Tree ornament swap run by a local mom, but open to moms in other states, too.

Now, I am pondering how to fit eight maids of milking and the beatitudes into one single ornament design for an upcoming 12 Days of Christmas ornament swap.  As I do, and as I prepare for Advent starting tomorrow, I have been looking to the creative Jesse Tree ornament collection that will begin to adorn our home tomorrow.

I thought I'd share pictures of the ornaments I received in our swap for your inspiration, too.  Whether you are making ornaments for your own family or for a swap, you might find some ideas here.

Advent is between 23 and 28 days, so we did 28 ornaments for our swap, but numbered them up to 23 only, with some numbers such as 9a, 9b, 9c, etc. to show which ornaments might be skipped or doubled up during shorter Advents. 

For our swap, we were asked to make ornaments that were sturdy enough for small hands to hang year-after-year, using wood, felt, clay, cloth, etc., but no paper or foam.  We also agreed to make our ornaments no more than four inches in size and to include a Scripture notation on the ornament and a printout of the actual verse text in a baggie with the ornaments.  Here's what was in my baggies:

 Days 1-4
1: In the Beginning (Symbol: Earth)
2. The Fall (Symbol: Apple & Snake)
3: Mother of All Living (Symbol: Mary)
4: Noah and the Ark (Symbol: Ark & Rainbow)

Days 5-8
5: The Blessing to Abraham (Symbol: Camel & Tent)
6: Sacrifice of the Son (Symbol: Lamb)
7: Joseph in Egypt (Symbol: Colorful Coat)
8: Passover (Symbol: Doorway With Blood)

Day 9 
(with optional ornaments for long Advent seasons)
9: The Ten Commandments (Symbol: Tablet With 10 Numbers)
9a : The Promised Land: Canaan (Symbol: Cluster of Grapes)
9b: Bronze Serpent (Symbol: Stick With Bronze Serpent)
9c: Jonah (Symbol: Whale)

Days 10-12 
(with one optional ornament for longer Advent seasons)
10: Ruth and Boaz (Symbol: Sheaf of Wheat)
11: David and Goliath (Symbol: Slingshot)
11a: God’s Forgotten Scroll Is Found (Symbol: Scroll)
12: Prophecy: A Shoot From the Stump of Jesse (Symbol: Stump With Leaf)

Days 13-16
13: Prophecy: The New Creation (Symbol: Lion & Lamb Together)
14: Prophecy: Prince of Peace (Symbol: Dove & Crown)
15: Prophecy: Good Shepherd (Symbol: Shepherd’s Staff)
16: Prophecy: Suffering Servant (Symbol: Cross)

This set needs two photos though.  Why? Did you notice the first one?  It is a lamb, but was a lion.  Yep.  it is double-sided.  How ultra-cute!

 Days 17-20
17: The New Covenant (Symbol: Heart With Writing)
18: Bethlehem Prophecy (Symbol: Bethlehem)
19: Exile and Persecution (Symbol: Fiery Furnace)
19a: Return to Jerusalem: Preparation for Messiah (Symbol: Brick Wall)

This set, too, needed a second picture, so you could see the beautifully painted Bethlehem skyline and the fire in the furnace.

Days 20-23
20: Christmas Star (Symbol: Star)
21: Light of the World (Symbol: Candle or Light)
22: Angels Proclaim the Miraculous Birth (Symbol: Angel)
23: (Christmas Day) The Birth of Jesus (Symbol: Baby in Manger or Nativity Scene)

If you want to see other views of these ornaments, check out the Homeschooling Papist blog. I was excited tonight as I organized the ornaments, to see a slip in one of them with Shannon's blog name on it.  I did not realize any fellow Catholic homeschool bloggers had participated in the swap.  What a bonus to "meet" her and to discover another wonderful blog to inspire me as a live and learn alongside my children in faith.

Wishing you a fabulous Advent season!
If you've made Jesse tree ornaments, I'd love to see them.  Leave a link here or a photo on the Training Happy Hearts Facebook page.


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