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Cursive Writing Made Simple {A CursiveLogic Review}

I have two children working on cursive handwriting now, one of whom does best with short,  independent practice that is presented in a simple, logical way.  Thus, when I was offered a chance to review the CursiveLogic Workbook by CursiveLogic, I went for it.  I had a feeling it would be ideal for him since he could use it on his own.

How We Used CursiveLogic

When our copy of the
CursiveLogic Workbook arrived, I browsed its 97 pages, which include:

  • introductory notes

  • three pages of text and images on how to prepare for cursive handwriting, including notes in paper, posture, hand exercises, etc.
  • six pages on how to teach the program
  • four multi-page lessons grouped by letter shapes which make learning lower case letters logical and easy

  • three thick dry-erase pages for reviewing the letters

  • other pages on string practice, signing your name and learning upper case letters (which are presented in seven groups)

Then, I introduced the workbook to my son, let him know that we would be weaving into his weekly S.K.I.L.L.  T.I.M.E. tasks, and let him have at it.

Since then, my oldest has been progressing slowly but surely with his cursive handwriting with little guidance necessary from me. (The slowly part is due to the fact that his overall S.K.I.L.L. T.I.M.E. work sessions are typically brief in the summer time and handwriting is one of his less-preferred subjects, so he takes the workbook in nibble-sized pieces. )

Every once in a while, I "quiz" my son on his independently learned cursive writing abilities by reviewing the pages of the workbook that he has completed and, then, dictating a few words to him for him to write.  He typically succeeds with writing whatever I ask him to.  However, when I note him struggling with particular letters or connections, we briefly reference completed workbook pages and do an impromptu targeted review.

As a side note, the workbook lends itself nicely to 1:1 teaching as well.  In fact, if I were using this program with my daughter, who prefers not to approach new skills independently as my son does, I would likely sit together with her "coaching" the "catch phrases" orally, demonstrating strokes on a white board or paper, pointing out how few strokes it takes to learn how to write a number of letters, etc.  With a parent, tutor, or teacher sitting alongside a child, I truly feel that
CursiveLogic would help children master cursive quickly and confidently (as opposed to how my son is progressing -- slowly, steadily and successfully, in independent micro-sessions.)

Why CursiveLogic Works 


In our experience so far, CursiveLogic lends itself to cursive handwriting success because:

  • letters are grouped by shape into four basic "families" that are named alliteratively and make up the entire alphabet. 

  • similarly shaped letters are taught together, greatly simplifying the learning process for children with minds like my son's.

  • letters that share a common shape are strung together, which I have noted helps a child's muscle memory as much as his mental one.

  • color-coding and "catch phrases" are used to help children remember the different shapes in multi-modal way (visual, kinesthetic, and auditory)

  • real words are used straight from the first lesson, showing children they can write in cursive right away - a great motivator.

  • there are repeated opportunities for students to trace, write and link words, making practice progressive and purposeful.

  • top spiral binding, well-sized tracing fonts and plenty of space on the bank writing lines make the workbook user-friendly.

Without question, the program is a well thought-out one that lives up to its name, by making learning how to write in cursive logical and simple.  Begun as an effort to teach an adult student with learning disabilities how to write cursive with ease,CursiveLogic
has developed into a program that can help any student - young or old - how to succeed in writing script.  Straightforward, intelligent and logically presented, the CursiveLogic Workbook is a handwriting program I would recommend.

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Do you know a child or grown-up who could benefit from learning cursive through a logical, straight-forward approach?

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