Saturday, October 4, 2014

Why We Are Like Mail Carriers?

Nothing Holds Us Back... 

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Well, I am not sure about the snow yet this year, but I can say that during this week alone, we proved that neither rain, nor heat nor dark of night would keep us from routines, responsibilities, celebrations and outings.

If there's one thing we've learned, it's adaptability.

The seas we usually walk beside were stormy.  The place we take our annual family snapshot was wind-whipped and wet.  The Thai place we like to get take out from was closed.  None of that stopped us from honoring 10 years together.  

Breakfast together at home, and then, a drive by the beach, a van picnic overlooking white-capped waves and some rocks to prop the camera up on the rail so it would not keep blowing over during its timer mode kept traditions alive!

If April showers bring may flowers what does September drizzle bring?

If you're a New England Happy Homeschooler, it brings a fun-filled day at corn maze!

A local homeschooler planned a field trip for 100+ homeschoolers at the awesome Sauchuk corn maze.  Since the fields weren't flooded, the field trip remained a "go" despite drizzle which dampened the day.

That same drizzle did not dampen spirits!  From corn maze, to cow cars, to bounce pillow, to corn sensory bin, to peddle cars, to sports games to corn cannons, we had a blast!

Sometimes you have to prioritize promises.

A year ago, I made a promise to my children that we would return to the Mass Outdoor Expo this year so our two boys could paddle the kayaks there (which they missed doing last year) and so our girl (who was too short to shoot last year) could shoot a real gun for the first time ever.

Of course, when I made that promise, I did not expect so many other possibilities and commitments to come up on the same day as MOE, nor that the kayak folks would not return to MOE this year, nor that it would be hot beach weather begging us to blow off everything and go to the beach.

Alas, all of this was true on the ONE day of the Mass Outdoor Expo this year.  However, a promise is a promise and "Mommy always keeps her word."

I am so glad I did!  The children had a blast at the Expo!

Sometimes tidy, stash and dash can only happen in the dark of night.

Silly me bit off more than I could easily chew when I offered to host our Catholic home educator group's St. Therese Potluck tea only to discover rain in the forecast. 

How was my small, cluttered home to host 17 children for an indoor celebration?  

The only hope of success was to get my front rooms tidied up.  Of course, that hope was deterred by the sheer amount of clearing and cleaning that needed to be done and the three mess makers, um, I mean creative, imaginative children, who undo things almost as fast as I can do them.

My solution?  Outlast them the night before and get to the room while they slept.


The rooms got (and have stayed) clean and clear and the party was a huge success!
What's that about homeschoolers and socialization?

Earlier this week, Daddy blessed me with time to do some tedious tasks by taking the kids into the city to join friends at a Museum of Science field trip.

As I reflected on our week, I began laughing.  Four separate fun and educational field trips and classes with the same set of friends this week?  All this socialization provides great learning, but it is doing a number on our gas budget!

How does a most unsporty mom become a flag football coach?  

Sports, particularly ones that involve objects that might come flying through the air towards my face, have never been my forte.  Yet, I found myself coaching a football class for the second week in a row this week.

The kids had wanted such a class with their friends.  I volunteered to organize it.  Daddy volunteered to teach it.  We both decided a week ago that the children in it would be better served if we split them up a bit.  So, while Daddy runs 3-on-3 scrimmages, I do skill drills.

It's all good.  The class needed an assistant coach and Momma needs exercise.

Tidy Time and Lessons Roll Along 

Before, betwixt and after all that we've been doing despite rain, heat and dark of night, I am thrilled to say we've been refocusing on our snack time/tidy time habit, our Five Before Breakfast and our Family Work Time habit.  Reminding the kids (and myself) to re-habilitualize these things has been making a difference to our home and my sanity!

We've also been moving along with many child led lessons as well as some quick Mom-suggested "core four".  For while I have relaxed a lot since the days when I began taking our Core Four in a bag with us each time we went out, I still like to be cognizant of how the children are developing their faith, reading, writing and math.

Even as an almost-unschooling "us"schooler and and pretty much daily "out"schooler, my inner traditional-educator self needs to be sure that (loose) standards-based skills are developed and practiced daily in one form or another.  This week a lot of that happened through scrapbooking the saints,where copywork, reading and other skills intertwined with self-expression.  What a week of feast days it was!

 Do you ever feel the post office motto might describe your home education endeavors as well?  What have you been embracing despite (or because of!) rain, snow, heat or dark of night?


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