Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Simple Activity for All Souls Day -- Or Any Day You Want to Pray with Children for the Faithful Departed

Sometimes, remembering the "right words" to prayer can be tough.

Other times, children are a bit sleepy-eyed.

At still other times, they are on the move.

So, what can you do to get children to pray (and play!) together eagerly on All Souls Day or any day when you want to focus on praying for the Faithful Departed?

Try the simple activity we engaged in on All Souls Day.

We circled up on the floor, held the die our parish gifted our son who is preparing for First Communion with, and made up an activity that engaged all of the children.

First, we wondered aloud and asked questions in order to engage the children in discussion about what All Souls Day is, who the Faithful Departed are and why we pray to them.

Then, we recalled some of the Faithful Departed we know and said a special prayer for them.

Finally, we asked who would like to continue praying for other Faithful Departed using our prayer die to help us.

My thought was that each member of our family would take a turn rolling the die and offering a prayer for a specific person or group of people who have passed on.  However, the children enjoyed praying for the Faithful Departed in this way so much, that we all took more than a single turn.  In fact, the children offered both formal prayers, as written on the die, as well as spontaneous prayers, for deceased family members, neighbors, friends and family of folks we know, "all people named Nina", "all people named Jack", "all Daddies", "all Mommies",  "all Lukes", "all children", "all who were sick", "all who had brown eyes" and more.

Some may think their intentions were silly.  To us, they were heartfelt and beautiful.  Preceded by thoughtful expressions or delighted grins, each intention sprang from my children's hearts and minds to their lips to be shared by our family, praying together for departed souls.

Easy.  Meaningful.  Engaging for our children.  Increasing their understanding of our faith and their desire to pray together.  Yep, this activity is a keeper!

How do you share the meaning of All Souls Day with young children?  In what ways can you engage them in praying for the Faithful Departed? 

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