Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

A new reminder on my mother's wall...

I know it's late to offer a wish for a blessed day replete with many moments of grace and gratitude.  However, I'm going to do it anyway with a prayer:

Lord, thank you for this day.  A reminder to pause, to pray, to count blessings, to share what is good.

Thank you for providing for our needs, gifting us with grace, showering us with with reasons to be grateful...

Thank you for faith, family and feasting.

Jack digs in to his first ever turkey leg.

Many today, myself included, have shared satisfied smiles and been held in circles of love.  

Luke unwraps an early birthday gift during our Thanksgiving dessert time.

Some, however, have not.  They have been caught in places of loneliness, challenge, fear...  They have, for one reason or another, been unable to fully unwrap the gift this day has been.

I know this, Lord, because I was such a person on some holidays past.  Yet, you never abandoned me.  You still don't.  You never abandon any of us.

Lord, thank you for embracing me through the years when I was too sad, scared, angry or numb to recognize your embrace.  Thank you for doing the same for others today.

Please use me as you used others during my difficult times.  Please use others, too.  Let us be your voice, hands and heart.  Help make your unconditional love and tender care apparent to those who need it tonight (and always!).  Help us dispel despair and point one another toward truth:

Life is an incredible gift, born of love -- 
now and eternally.

Nina plays dress up win Grammy and Grampy's playroom.

Thank you, Lord, for abundant blessings, that shine with love and joy!


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