Monday, November 18, 2013

Free Printable "Pocket" Book to Take An Endangered Species Fair

A Simple "Pocket" Book to Take to the Fair!

Tomorrow, Luke, Nina and Jack will be participating in their first Endangered Species Fair.

What fun we had researching to decide which animal each would focus on, and, then, what the they wanted to share about their selected endangered species!  They worked so hard on their display boards and are continuing on today to create additional projects to share in front of the boards.

The kids set up their board in our hallways in to play "Endangered Species Fair."

Meanwhile, I have created a little project of my own to share -- and I do mean "little".

Room to Spotlight Five Species and to Capture Favorite Facts

What I did was whip up a simple, one page booklet to print for each of my children to use at the fair.

The idea is that my children will write their names on the fronts of their little booklets and, then, slip them in their pockets to bring to the fair in order to capture use capture ideas that excite them as they view their friends' displays.

I am sharing the printable for the book here free so that others going to the Endangered Species Fair can easily create their own booklets as well -- and so those of you who would like to find or create your own fair can use them, too!

They are super easy to assemble.  All you need is the printable and a pair of scissors.  Then, follow the directions this kind youtube contributor offers:

We can't wait for the Fair!


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